What makes a great innovator ?

Dr. Farouk El-Baz

Do not feel sorry for Riham. You should feel proud of her for staying reaching this stage, and encourage her to kepp going in the future. She should be congratulated for what she has achived.
1 minute ago


Agreed. The prototype achieved almost complete bacterial elimination in under 3 seconds per projection (projection is an area covered by the LED at a close distance of ~ 2 cm). There was significant lab work and data analysis done to achieve this result.
1 minute ago

Dr. Farouk El-Baz

Do not allow anyone to discourage you. Believe in yourself and do not be affected by the negative vibes form others. Only you matters when I comes to evaluating the self. Stay postive and optemistic.
1 minute ago
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Stars of Science is an original TV format, initiated by Qatar Foundation, which encourages the Arab world’s next generation of aspiring science and technology innovators. In this sixth season, 12 candidates are challenged to prove their resourcefulness during different stages of the innovation cycle with the support of engineering and design

Meet The Jury

  • Mr. Youssif Saleh

    Mr. Youssif Saleh

    General Manager, Qatar Shell Research and Technology Centre (QSRTC)
    Mr. Youssif Saleh has been in the oil and gas industry for 15 years in technical, research and...
  • Dr Fouad Mrad

    Dr Fouad Mrad

    The Executive Director Of ESCWA Regional Center For Technology
    Dr. Fouad Mrad joined the United Nations in December 2009 and is currently the executive director...
  • Suneet Singh Tuli

    Suneet Singh Tuli

    Founder and CEO of DataWind Ltd.
    Suneet Singh Tuli, founder and CEO of DataWind, Ltd., joins Stars of Science Season 6 as a VIP...
  • James Law

    James Law

    Founder and CEO of James Law Cybertecture International
    James Law is a renowned architect who joins Stars of Science Season 6 as a VIP jury member. As a...
  • Buthaina Al-Ansari

    Buthaina Al-Ansari

    Senior HR Director of Ooredoo
    Ambassador of Women Leading Change Qatar, Entrepreneur.
    Buthaina Al Ansari is a born leader...
  • Prof. Abdelhamid El-Zoheiry

    Prof. Abdelhamid El-Zoheiry

    President of Heliopolis University in Cairo
    Slovenia Senior Advisor to the Minister of Higher Education and Research, Egypt
  • Dr Hynd Haya Bouhia

    Dr Hynd Haya Bouhia

    Chief Executive Officer of Global Nexus
    Hynd Bouhia is the Chief Executive Officer of Global Nexus, an investment fund dedicated to clean...
  • Dr.Mohammad Saleh Alowayed

    Dr.Mohammad Saleh Alowayed

    Dean of Students Affairs at Alfaisal University
    Dr. Mohammad Saleh Alowayed joined Alfaisal University in Riyadh in 2009 and is currently the Dean...
  • Dr. Rana El Chemaitelly

    Dr. Rana El Chemaitelly

    Co-Founder of The Little Engineer
    Rana El Chemaitelly, holds a BE in Mechanical Engineering 1993, AUB Penrose Award 1993, and...
  • Suaad Al-Shamsi

    Suaad Al-Shamsi

    Licensed Aircraft Engineer II – Emirates Airlines
    Nationality: UAE
    Residence: Dubai
    MBA in aviation management from Coventry...

Get To Know The Candidates

Purple Lab

Riham Helmi
UV Sanitizer Mobile Cover
Sultan AlSubhi
Wudu Area Robot Cleaner
Thamer Al Askar
Virtual Sports Fan
Thieab Al Dossary
Tactile Communicating Bracelet
  • Johnny Khalil
  • Khaled Alsulaim
  • Mohammed Al Housani
  • Weam Mohammed
  • Riham Helmi
  • Sultan AlSubhi
  • Thamer Al Askar
  • Thieab Al Dossary
  • Walaa Aniba

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