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Abderrahim Bourouis

Season 8

About the project

On Stars of Science Season 8, the Algerian was able to wow the judges and  impress the audience with his smart autism shirt ‘WonderKit’. The innovation is meant to aid parents of children with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD). The low-cost solution monitors children who suffer from extreme anxiety and panic attacks.  Parents can keep informed of the smart shirt’s data on a tablet or phone.

Abderrahim today ?

Finishing second place in SOS Season 8 opened many doors for Abderrahim. He is currently the Research and Development Manager at Algerie Telecom, the state-owned telecommunications operator. The young Algerian supervises several innovative projects at his company that will soon go to production.

As for WonderKit, Abderrahim has partnered with a start-up company to help develop the design and technology of the innovation. It is all hands on deck to put the smart shirt on a fast track for testing and production. In the meantime, Abderrahim continues to work on turning new ideas into tangible solutions. He has just been selected for a scholarship by British Petroleum and will be taking part in the One young world Summit- October 2017, a summit that gathers the brightest young people from around the world, empowering them to make lasting connections to create positive change. Do not expect to see this go-getter in a hammock just yet - there’s still so much work left to do.

Abderrahim’s personal reflection

Abderrahim has big goals and envisions great success for his future. The most significant lesson he learned from SOS is to believe in himself and his project. “Every successful salesperson will tell you that you cannot sell a product that you would not buy yourself,” he said.

Abderrahim in the news

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