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Hassan Albalawi

Season 7

About the Project

Hassan developed his invention, WakeCap, to eliminate accidents caused by lack of sleep after he himself almost fell asleep at the wheel.  Since his finalist appearance on Stars of Science Season 7, he has decided to expand the application to help maintain the safety of workers on construction sites.  The invention, an easily wearable cap that could analyze electrical activity (EEG) data in the brain, determines alertness levels so that workers and drivers aren’t put in dangerous situations when they are tired.

What did Hassan achieve so far?

Since last year, Hassan made giant strides with his idea, starting with the founding of his company, WakeCap. Hassan and his team members successfully completed the Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP) Accelerator program, which gives entrepreneurs training and mentorship.  WakeCap was also named the winner of UberPITCH Qatar, a competition to determine the best technological idea in the country. WakeCap was featured at the ArabNet Digital Summit 2016 in Dubai.  Amidst the activity, his team expanded from three to nine people in a matter of months.

WakeCap is also continuing to work with the Office of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer (IPTT) to secure a patent. They have also applied at the QSTP Incubator to incorporate WakeCap Technologies.

Apart from WakeCap, Hassan spreads his innovation story in order to inspire others.  Recently, he was a keynote speaker at Bright Sparks, a competition made to foster ambition in high school students in Doha.

Future insights...

Hassan’s main career goal is to complete the final prototype of his product and release it to the market. This milestone will be a huge accomplishment for WakeCap, a true indication of the company’s success. Hassan is driven not only by his ambitions, but also to make a positive impact on people around the globe with his innovation.

Personal Reflection

“Since I was on the show, I’ve been approached by so many viewers who were inspired to study science and technology because of Stars of Science,” said Hassan. “Stars of Science provides a platform unlike any other, and you must be conscious of the fact that what you do, and how you do it, matters to the many viewers of the show around the Arab world. My advice to future candidates is to make friends with each other! The other candidates will become your family. “

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Facebook: Hassan.albalawi