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Majed Lababidi

Season 3
Fi Technologies

About the Project

Majed impressed on Stars of Science Season 3 with a project that generated advertising revenue while providing free wireless internet in public places, like coffee shops. Using his advanced knowledge of the advertising sector, Majed identified an opportunity in the market to exploit – the ubiquity of free wifi zones in the many busy places. Recognizing that public internet users represent a valuable audience, Majed devised a product that gave people what they craved – free internet – in return for viewing an advertisement.

What did Majed achieve so far?

After his time on the show came to an end, the Syrian teamed up with former Season 3 competitor Saad Al Qahtani to take the project, now named Fi Technologies, to market. The company allows advertisers to reach potential customers by showing them ads before they receive free internet access. Fi Technologies has become recognized as a leading advertising platform in Qatar since winning the ICTQatar business Award in 2014. To date, Majed and Saad’s company has surpassed its competitors by being featured in prominent malls, clinics, parks, and beyond.

Future insights...

Majed’s most immediate goal is to take Fi Technologies international, in the Gulf region and beyond. He expects the company to triple its manpower in the near future to 15 employees. This is in line with its rise in value, which is in the about five million dollars, up from one million dollars in 2015. Majed’s next big project is to launch an advertising platform on Facebook and YouTube to further expand Fi Technologies’ reach. Fi Technologies is currently applying to a Qatar Development Bank program to raise funds for this expansion.

Personal Reflection

“Participating in Stars of Science has changed the way I look at failure,” said Majed. “Now I consider failure a temporary setback, not the end of your journey. We are candidates on Stars of Science not only to invent and discover, but to learn. Failure is one of the great learning experiences in life.”

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