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Yaman Abou Jieb

Season 7

About the project

Yaman’s project, Glean, was born out of necessity.  In Syria, as well as in many places in the world, power cuts and lack of water disrupt daily life.  The washing machine is an example of a modern convenience that needs an abundance of both electricity and water to run properly. 

With his innovation, Yaman has devised a way to address these problems and increase efficiency for both home and industrial use.  By utilizing solar power and recycling water, Glean makes the daily task of washing clothes easier for people around the world while helping to preserve the environment.

What did Yaman achieve so far?

After winning the Season 7 title, Yaman was jubilant, but he remained grounded to his ideals of hard work and resilience.

Months after the finale in Doha, Qatar, Yaman was recognized as one of the five best Arab inventors for MIT Technology Review’s Arab Edition. His invention “Glean” was nominated for an award at its global conference in Boston. He was also nominated by JCI Syria, an organization that holds workshops and competitions for youth in Syria, to participate in the “Ten Outstanding Young People Program”. Yaman has established his own business to provide energy solutions using solar energy in Damascus.

Personal Reflection

“Competing in Stars of Science was a dream come true for me,” said Yaman. “I will never forget watching SOS Season 3 at home with my father in 2011. I spoke to him then about my favorite candidate, Haytham Dsouki, and how much of a genius he was. My dad turned to me and said, ‘Indeed he is, son, and you will follow in his footsteps one day and be on the Stars of Science show yourself.’”

The Syrian innovator is enthusiastic about helping others discover innovation. “I am keen to introduce others to the rewarding fields of science, engineering, and entrepreneurship,” Yaman said. “These fields have such an amazing impact on quality of life. That is why I want to lead by example - so that kids can be inspired by the show and feel encouraged to live up to their potential.”

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