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2nd Place

Abderrahim Bourouis

Smart Autism Shirt


Algerian Abderrahim Bourouis, is a different kind of engineer with a mission to use his skillset to help the physically and mentally disabled. His journey to innovation started following a conversation with a family friend suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, which sparked an idea that would propel Abderrahim to unexplored frontiers. After months of research, development, he unveiled a smart shirt for Alzheimer’s patients, designed to prevent those afflicted with the disease from getting lost. When his invention won the United Nations’ Arab Youth Creativity Award, he was hooked on innovation. Abderrahim became determined to use his expertise to create more inventions to help those with disabilities and has his eye on supporting the Autistic community with his latest innovation – the Smart Autism Shirt

“I want to leave an imprint on the Arab world and on Algeria in particular as an inventor and entrepreneur,” said Abderrahim. “I am excited to benefit from the guidance of international experts on Stars of Science - an opportunity most people only dream of. My best advantages in this competition are my curiosity and competitive spirit.”


Abderrahim’s Stars of Science invention was inspired, like many of his previous projects, by a personal experience.  A family in his community was finding it challenging to care for their child, who had autism spectrum disorder (ASD), which is often characterized by diminished motor coordination and intellectual ability as well as physical ailments.  Abderrahim resolved himself to find a technological aid that would assist the family.  The result was the Smart Autism Shirt.

This low-cost solution aims to detect, monitor and calm children with ASD who suffer from extreme anxiety and panic attacks.  In concert with the child’s medical regime, the shirt measures and reports physical movement to parents through a tablet or phone.  It serves as an aid, so parents can have peace of mind.  Depending on the needs of the child, it also recommends actions parents can take to help him or her.

“I believe my project will be successful because it is something that helps to guide and reassure parents in regard to their child’s wellbeing, something everyone agrees is of major importance,” said Abderrahim.  “I want to attain this noble objective, and with the help of Stars of Science and my technical prowess, I am confident I can achieve my goals.”


Supports families by providing phone App to remotely monitor and soothe children with mild to medium autism