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Ahmed Elkhatat

Automated shower for elderly


Extraverted, outgoing and high-spirited, Ahmad is never short of an opinion. As the oldest candidate on the show this year, Ahmed Elkhatat intends to use his experience to his advantage. 

The 34-year-old Egyptian is determined to improve the state of communities by turning novel ideas into impactful actions. “Innovation has been, and must remain an integral part of development across the Arab world. Creativity is not about being gifted - it is about taking the time to think through the right steps to realize your dreams,” The years he spent earning his Master’s and Ph.D. in Chemistry from Ain Shams University in Egypt gave him an ability to thrive in challenging environments.

Ahmed currently serves on the faculty of Qatar University, working in the Department of Chemical Engineering. Drawing from advanced academic training and his professional experience, including publication of books and articles as well as membership in the American Chemical Society, Ahmed is confident in his ability to realize the idea for his project.

About the Project

The alarm clock rings somewhere in the world, and a senior citizen steps out of bed, opens the bathroom door, and takes a shower.  This simple task is actually fraught with danger for the elderly, as slips and falls in bathrooms are one of the leading causes of serious injury among the age group.

When the parents of Ahmed’s close friend had several close calls with injury, he decided to channel his creativity toward creating a solution.

During Season 8 of Stars of Science, Ahmed is developing a shower cabin that enables its user to be seated on a specially designed chair through which water can pass. Instead of asking seniors to operate the shower, Ahmed intends to automate the systems, so that water and soap are dispersed upon pressing a button. Once the process has been completed, a wave of warm air begins to flow, which serves to dry the body of the user as well as the interior of the cabin.

Too often, Ahmed thinks, the elderly have to ask for assistance when showering, sacrificing both independence.  His invention is intended to address this by creating a safe, effective shower experience while preserving the users’ dignity and privacy.


Extends the independence of the elderly community by automating the showering and drying process in an easy to use seated tub without the embarrassment of being washed and dried by others.