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Ali Al-Sulaiti

2D drawings to 3D models


While kids his age spent their free time on the football pitch, dreaming of becoming famous footballers, Ali Sulaiti was nowhere to be found.  Instead, the young Qatari was often drawing with a pencil and notepad, creating sketches, stories, and cartoons.  As he grew older, Ali’s talents and ambitions grew immensely.  Now, his goal is to spread his creative ideas from his sketchpad to the wider region through animation and design.

Ali now attends Woodbury University in the United States.  There, his love for drawing and sketching feed into his preparation for a professional career in architecture.

Though his interests may be diverse, Ali has pursued each with a relentless sense of purpose and hard work, traits that he says he inherited from his family. Born and raised in Qatar, Ali has witnessed how planning and ambition can transform a country. He is motivated to harness these qualities in himself to propel him to his goals.

“It is so easy for children to be dreamers and artists, but when we grow up we tend to lose that wild imagination,” noted Ali. “I want to show youth in this region that the only limits to their dreams are the ones they impose on themselves. My mission on Stars of Science is to win for the State of Qatar, but also to empower youth in this region to believe in their abilities.”


As his knowledge of animation and 3D have grown, Ali discovered a common problem many artists experience when they translate their 2D drawings into 3D animations – the complicated process is too time consuming and requires great technical knowledge.

Ali’s project, the 3D Drawing Generator, is a system that solves this problem by automatically turning 2D drawings into 3D animated models. He believes the invention could motivate kids and adults to be more creative, enabling them to bring their ideas to life on screen.

“At the end of the day, I compete not with those joining me on the Stars of Science journey, but with myself,” said Ali.  “If I can succeed in making 3D animation more accessible through this invention, I’d consider that a win-win.”


Frees the minds of creative amateurs who wish to manipulate on screen 3D equivalent models from their 2D hand drawings