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Mohamed Farag

Smart Gym Retrofit Kit

An engineer? An entrepreneur? A computer geek? A fitness fanatic? Who says you can’t be all four and more? Multitalented and enigmatic, you might want to call Mohamed Farag the Chuck Norris of Egypt. Armed with big accomplishments and even bigger dreams, he envisions a bright future for Cairo’s young startups. Silicon Valley, watch your back!

Mohamed graduated from Alexandria University with a degree in electromechanical engineering and a background in software development. The young entrepreneur then launched his own startup called to revolutionize the modern workout. Although the company is still developing, Mohamed is ultra-confident. “Your workout will be smarter than ever before,” he promises.

With little tolerance for failures, Mohamed considers himself to be an ardent problem solver. “I would love to be an investigator in my next life,” he laughs. “I’ve always admired how they are both intelligent and observant, and solve their cases by staying vigilant.”

No wonder his favorite show is Detective Conan, a Japanese manga series popular in the Arab world. The series portrays a young detective who braves the criminal underground to fight crime – just like Mohamed does in his daydreams. “If I could be any superhero, I’d be Conan without a doubt,” he said.

Sorry, Detective Conan and Chuck Norris. There’s a new hero in town.

About the Project:

Anyone who has tried to follow a fitness regimen knows that it is far easier said than done. One must adhere to a strict schedule, record activities, and above all, stay motivated. As a lifelong fitness enthusiast, Mohamed understands how difficult this can be. So he sought to create a device that will act as a best friend to fitness lovers.

Mohamed’s project is meant to be installed on a fitness machine to monitor and save useful workout data, such as weight, sets, and reps, which are typically recorded manually. The innovative device has numerous benefits. Data can be recorded and analyzed very easily, as well as stored on a phone app for easy access. Mohamed wants to enable his device to transmit data to personal trainer, so they can give tailored advice to their clients. The ability to fit the product on existing devices is an added value to gyms everywhere, which can add functionality to fitness machines without buying costly new ones.


Automates manual input and workout parameters and allows for workout analysis on old equipment saving time for users, money for gym owners and the environment for all of us!