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4th Place

Mohammed Al-Jefairi

Thought Leader
Deaf Interactive Robotic Teacher

This fall, Mohammed’s star will shine a little brighter. The charismatic life coach already has a big following in Qatar. Mohammed had started building his intellectual empire long before many of his fellow contestants finished high school. Not that he feels old. After all, age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter. And neither does Mohammed. In fact, he trusts his experience to propel him to the final.

For more than a decade, the 34-year old Qatari has fashioned himself into a prodigious ‘thought leader.’  He has become a go-to-resource for advice across a vast array of topics. Information technology, leadership development, and entrepreneurship (he would humbly say) are his domains of expertise.  He is not the type to hide in the board room, though. You can find Mohammed sharing his wisdom in the newspaper, on YouTube, the local TV shows, or in the bookstore.

Don’t be fooled into believing Mohammed is all about the spotlight. Fame for fame’s sake is not what he is after.  “Being in the public eye puts you in the position to have an impact. In my case, I want to educate and motivate people to be the best versions of themselves. Cliché as it sounds, I want to make the world a better place,” explains Mohammed.  

A leading consultant and a public figure? It is fair to wonder how Mohammed will deal with taking advice from jurors, mentors, and his peers. He wants to put that question to rest. “Good leaders need to be good followers as well,” he declares. “To succeed on Stars of Science, I will tap into my hidden skills. This is a unique opportunity to collaborate and grow through guidance and criticism.”

The Jack-of-all-trades will be given his biggest stage yet. Will he thrive?

About the Project

Mohammed is an expert in conveying information in the most effective way. It is only natural that his project is in line with that strength. But how did he go from being a professional communicator to zooming in on hearing impaired students?  As with most great ideas, a small event had to take place to trigger the Eureka. A big advocate of an inclusive society, Mohammed could not help but be annoyed when he witnessed the illegal use of a parking space for people with disabilities. He strongly believes that everyone deserves an opportunity to succeed in life. That same day, he decided to record leadership development tutorials in sign language.   

After poring over the latest literature on hearing disabilities, he discovered that many educational services for the hearing impaired do not utilize the latest technological advancements.

Mohammed’s project, the Deaf Interactive Robotic Teacher, interacts with students, providing valuable but also entertaining training. It recognizes sign language with a specialized camera and software. By using a robotic hand it can also communicate in Arabic sign language. Mohammed intends to develop the robot in order to speak and recognize multiple sign languages.

“Young children between the ages of three and eight learn best through visuals and movement,” said Mohammed. “I’ve conceived a novel way of teaching sign language to hearing impaired children in that age group. This could increase access to instruction and improve learning at an early age, ensuring that no one gets left behind.”


The robot uses technological advances to provide engaging, innovative sign language instruction to students during a critical period in their development.