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Nizar Chelly

Phone robotic platform auto scanner


Nizar Chelly, a 33-year-old Tunisian student, has always been aware of the importance of leaving a legacy. His uncle’s legacy, in Nizar’s eyes, was giving him the encouragement to become an engineer. Now, Nizar hopes to pass the torch to his three children, who he hopes will become the third generation of innovators in the family.

As a Ph.D. student in Intelligent Systems, Nizar has seen a growing need for devices to use artificial intelligence to solve problems in an ever-changing world. Specialists with a background in Intelligent Systems have become in demand in a world that is becoming increasingly more reliant upon autonomous technology.

After graduating, Nizar wants to use his knowledge to build his own company in Tunisia.  Another huge priority is encouraging Arab youth to study hard sciences. “Work tirelessly, be persistent and keep improving your ideas,” says Nizar when he speaks to those younger than him.  “Take your time and do not let the fire out inside of you that keeps you motivated.”


While he was working at the Higher Institute of Technological Studies in Sousse, Nizar became frustrated with the amount of time it took to scan pages of multiple sizes.  Inspired by a robotics professor’s lesson, Nizar realized he could address the challenge of time and manual labor by creating an automatic device to do the work.

Nizar’s Phone robotic platform auto scanner invention is a robotic device, slightly larger than an A4 sized paper, on which you can connect your phone and capture not only 2D, but also 3D images of anything.  The device, which takes scans with a phone’s camera, is more portable and convenient than a typical scanner.  Nizar thinks that the project, once finished, will revolutionize the way people think of the scanner.  He is also mindful of improving the world in which his kids will live.  “I look forward to having the opportunity to work on my invention on Stars of Science in order to inspire my children by the legacy I leave. I am aware it sounds cliché, but I truly want to make my children proud,” said Nizar.


Saves time & avoids ergonomic problems for phone users by allowing for multiple pages to be automatically scanned.  Also extends the features of a phone camera by capturing 3D images of artifacts and panoramic surroundings for easy sharing.