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Sadeem Qdaisat

Automated slide dropping in genetic testing


Two years ago, Sadeem Qdaisat was told by the Stars of Science Casting Jury that his innovation was not qualified to participate due to the programs duration. Looking back now, the 28-year-old medical researcher says, even then, quitting was never an option.  “In innovation, you have to look at the long-term outcome,” he says. “It is not that you have failed – actually, you discovered a way that doesn’t work.  Going forward, think of a new approach.”

But Sadeem is not only motivated by personal triumph – his main priority is to improve patient health by advancing the medical field.  The scientist who is known by his family and friends as a determined worker with an encyclopedic memory, used these skills as he doubled his efforts to improve his invention after his setback on Season 6.

He also made strides in his career path as a Ph.D. candidate and medical researcher. Sadeem graduated from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and has won multiple awards granted by renowned institutes in the United States.

“Arab inventors and intellectuals make a positive impact around the Arab world,” said Sadeem. “However, we need to build a connection between creative entrepreneurs and the resources and expertise necessary to build on that creativity – that is what Stars of Science does. At Stars of Science, the only limit is the extent of your imagination.”


Genetic testing is a type of medical examination that can identify if a person has developed a genetic condition. During his time conducting research at various hospitals, Sadeem noticed reoccurring problems in genetic testing labs due to time restraints and reliance on manual labor.

His invention, Automated slide dropping in genetic testing, automates the process of genetic testing, aiming to eliminate human error and cross contamination. In addition, the automation process results in drastically lower costs, increased time efficiency, and improved outcomes while reducing false negative results. Sadeem said: “Patients inspire me, and I will do whatever it takes to save a life. I am committed to being an honorable, compassionate contributor to my community.”


Automates the slide preparation step taken during genetic testing for multiple patients in climate controlled robotic station. Aims to eliminate human error and reduce the possibility of cross contamination whilst allowing for consistent sample dropping.