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3rd Place

Sevag Babikian

Practical Perfectionist
Efficient Desktop 3D Printer


Stars of Science is known for its tough jury members, but Sevag Babikian, the hands on mechanical engineer, is concentrating on satisfying his own biggest critic – himself.  The 27-year-old perfectionist is famously tough on himself.  “When I formulate a plan, any unexpected deviation can ruin my mood,” he said.  “But never being satisfied with yourself means that you will always improve. Not a bad characteristic to have for an inventor if you ask me. ”

Sevag, holder of a Bachelor and Master of Engineering from the American University of Beirut (AUB), believes he has the educational background to be competitive on the program.  But he also considers himself self-taught, having been immersed in the family business of hydraulics since a young age.

In the future, Sevag hopes to share the lessons he has learned during Stars of Science with the younger generation. As an instructor at AUB, he helps to influence up-and-coming engineers. Sevag is often heard saying: “In order to follow in the footsteps of those who have risen as innovators and inventors, never let anyone discourage you. For those who give up often never return.”


As Desktop 3D printers have become more and more prevalent over the years, reaction from users has been very positive – the devices make it easier for anyone to create a model or even manufacture a product in one’s own office or home.

Having worked for a number of startups, Sevag frequently turned to Desktop 3D printers.  But he realized that the devices had their limits when it came to making overhangs, or the elements of a model without support underneath.  Creating free-hanging structures like a bridge, for instance, are time-consuming.  Further, waste is produced by conventional 3D printing.

Sevag’s invention is the Efficient Desktop 3D printer, which aims to solve this problem, advancing this production method of the future.  In his mind, optimizing 3D printers also means creating momentum for more ambitious designs and impactful products from all innovators.  “Stars of Science helps us to continuously push the boundaries of what is possible.  I see my project as a way for anyone who works with a 3D printer to do the same.”


Saves time and material waste commonly found in commercial desktop 3D Printers when temporarily printing support pieces not in the original requested design.