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Yazi Alalo

Home storage fish safety Indicator


Yazi Alalo is a headstrong pharmaceuticals graduate from Syria who has always taken pride in adhering to a regimen, from exercise to studying and nutrition, yet since giving birth to a baby Emma the 28-year-old is the first to admit that she will have to improvise in order to juggle the responsibilities of being a new mother and a candidate on Stars of Science.

Yazi is already used to embracing challenges in her life.  After graduating from the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Damascus with high grades, Yazi chose to continue her education at McGill University in Canada.  There, she is studying health and social services management – a subject that she is passionate about, and that inspired her to become an entrepreneur.

“My family is a central part of my life,” said Yazi.  “I’m reminded about the paramount importance of health now that I am starting a family of my own.  My work aims to address common health problems that all families face, to make lives easier.”


In Yazi’s ideal world, no one would have to pull a container of food out of the fridge and have to guess whether it is safe or spoiled.  So she decided to put her skills and education to the test to create the Home storage fish safety Indicator.

Yazi’s invention offers an indicator that displays if food is suitable for human consumption.  Her simple idea, once developed, would not only facilitate food safety in homes and restaurants, but also cut down on food waste by reducing the amount of food thrown away by people who are unsure of whether it is still safe to eat.

Through Stars of Science, Yazi hopes to deepen the know-how needed to bring her product to market. “Technology and innovation have been the engines of progress around the world, and have the same potential in this region,” she said. “I hope to help make the world a healthier place – even if it is just one meal at a time!”


Scientifically indicates the safe consumption of stored fish at home to help avoid unjustified waste and avoid possible health problems.