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Zainab Abosuhail

Auto Cast Making onto Simple Fractured Limbs

“Be yourself and you will increase in beauty.” Listening to Humood Alkuder singing praises of the authentic self is all Zainab needs to make her day. The chipper Bahraini nurse lives the catchy lyrics, marching to the beat of her own drum.  She is an all-hands-on-deck ambassador for youth in Bahrain, demonstrating some serious girl-power.  

Not a stranger to hard work, Zainab prefers helping out the less fortunate behind the scenes, far away from the limelight. Imagine her surprise when an invitation from none other than Sheikh Nasser of Bahrain arrived at her door. Apparently, word got out she won the gold medal at the 9th International Invention Fair of the Middle East in Kuwait. It’s hard to fly under the radar when the Sheikh invites you to the palace!

There’s another side to Zainab that is anything but butterflies and rainbows. Her kindness is equally matched by her ferocity. Some would even call her full of moxie.  “I know what I stand for, and I never compromise because of someone else’s opinion,” said Zainab.

Surrounded by patients in her daily work, Zainab understands the importance of a healthy mind and a healthy body. The pleasure of giving back to the community is her driving force. The same force fuels her tireless advocacy for the Bahrain Cancer Society. She even dedicated her free time to travel to Sri Lanka to teach English. On top of that, she’s an avid painter and writer.

All these activities would be enough to make any normal human being drop, but don’t say that to Zainab. She’s determined to succeed in her next endeavor – Stars of Science - and inspire young Bahrainis. “The best thing about Bahrain is its people – I love our spirit,” said Zainab. “I want to be a messenger to youth who might not believe in themselves. Innovators are not superhuman; we are just normal people who pursue an idea for the right reasons.”

About the Project:

Zainab got the motivation to develop her project after a brush with near-tragedy. “My father had complications resulting from a fracture,” lamented Zainab. “An incorrectly applied cast caused a blood clot. If left unchecked, this mistake would have led to an amputation.”

This case of human error prompted Zainab to rethink the traditional, manual way of applying a cast. She decided to channel her energy toward building a machine that automates the cast creation and application process. Her device analyzes the fracture using special software, mix the various materials for the cast, and automatically apply the cast to the broken limb.

Zainab, ever the philanthropist, never wants another family to go through what hers did. When her project is finished, fractures will be treated faster, with higher quality outcomes and a minimized rate of error.


This device automates the cast creation and application of a cast, reducing human error in the process.