Sunday, August 31, 2014
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Smartly dressed in their suit and ties, with their Business plans in hand, the remaining five candidates have one minute each to pitch their plans to the judges. Bringing their newly created brand identities to the stage along with their newly developed pitching skills, they demonstrate their readiness to set up their businesses and release their products into the market.  

Forming the Business jury panel for the first time is Noora Al Mannai, CEO of Enterprise Qatar, as well as Nasser Al Khater, Communications and Marketing Director for the Qatar 2022 Supreme Committee. Joining them for his second season is Professor James Woudhuysen, Professor of Forecasting and Innovation, writer, Broadcaster and Journalist.  

Sherif Yahia chose the colour blue for the logo of ‘Sawti’, saying that it reflects confidence and that this is what he wants to get across when he pitches to the jurors. After being the first to present his Business plan, Dr. Fouad warns him that his listed numbers do not reflect trust, while Noora Al Mannai points out that he did not take the online selling cost into consideration. Juror Nasser Al Khater wonders why Sherif is willing to put such a high budget into the hardware after deducing that the hardware is possibly expendable. 

Next one up against the clock is Mohammad Al Kuwari with the new name and branding of his product ‘i7’. Juror Yousif Al Salhi stresses on the importance of attaining a certification for his product before it goes into the market, and it worries him why Mohammad does not have a strategy or budget set for this. Seeing as his competitors in the industry already have certified products, Juror Nasser asks him whether or not he thinks he’s late with his invention and asks how he will compete with them. Finally, Noora Al Mannai inquires on which customers would be willing to pay such a high price for this technology.

When Mohamed Doumir presents the pitch of his product ‘Dr.Doumir’, Juror Yousif is shocked at the high number of existing camels in Qatar. When Doumir tries to defend his findings, Dr. Fouad Mrad encourages him to state his information with confidence since this is his domain and no one knows it better than him. Jury member Nasser reflects on the salaries set for the employees and advises that the price is high for the first year; Dr. Fouad then questions the cheap price that all the different components in the electrical box amount to. 

To follow, the panel of judges sit through Waleed Jan’s one minute pitch about his product ‘Re-Braille’. Dr. Fouad notices inconsistency in Waleed’s target market choice, as he begins by discussing less developed countries with no electricity as his focus, and then refers to users in KSA and the GCC countries- countries with 24/7 electricity. Noora stresses that Waleed should grow his confidence, and the way to do that is to go out and explore what is out there, to sit with big companies, to test his product and not to simply look for an investor who is looking to make money. 

Last one to pitch his Business Plan is Anwar Al Mojarkesh as he reveals the name and brand of his product ‘Safe and Sound’. Dr.Fouad begins by nitpicking the terminology Anwar uses in his presentation and booklet and claims that he is exaggerating the figures noted without any justification. He then states that Anwar is beating around the bush to avoid answering his questions. Prof. James Woudhuysen advises Anwar to allot a budget for lawyers as he is in risk of being sued in case the product doesn’t work and does indeed lead to the death of a user. 

Host Khalid Al Jumaily announces the results determining the four Finalists of Stars of Science Season 5, and the results read as follow:

Mohammed Doumir - Camel Racing Diagnostic Boots/ 73.2%

Waleed Jan - Mechanical Braille Editor/ 50.8%

Sherif Yahia - Speech Synthesizer for the Language Impaired/ 46.6%

Mohammed Al Kuwari - Automated Verdict in Disputed Football Scoring/ 43%


Anwar Al Mojarkesh’s journey on Stars of Science ends here, but we encourage him to continue on his own journey and pursue his scientific goals. 

The four finalists will all be leaving Stars of Science as winners, however Stay tuned to MBC4 on November 8th at 8PM KSA to watch the Live Final and find out how the $600,000 will be split amongst the winners.  

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