Tuesday, September 2, 2014
   Proof of Concept
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After two weeks of escaping jury questions and focusing solely on personal development and their projects, the candidates were now ready to come face-to-face with the 4 member proof of concept jurors that comprised of permanent members Dr. Fuad Mrad and Mr. Youssif Abdulrahman Al-Salhi as well as university juror Dr. Mazen Hasna, Vice President and Chief Academic Officer of Qatar University, and VIP juror Dr. Hayat Sindi, one of the world’s leading biotechnologists and the founder of the i2 Institute for Imagination and Ingenuity.

The discussions kicked off with each candidate bringing their prototypes alongside them and presenting their findings and accomplishments in the proof of concept phase. Some candidates were able to confidently stand firm in front of the jury while others fell short with proving their concept works like Mohammed Abazeed who did not complete his tasks for this phase that included turning on his engine. Adil met the same fate as he blamed technical problems for the reason why his briefcase transforming bicycle would not be fit for test riding at this time.

The jurors were very honest with their feedback to the candidates as Mr. Youssif called El Arby’s device a rocket project and Dr. Fuad expressed his fear of Feras’s water bottle cooler lift. On the other hand, Dr. Hasna was impressed with the ‘magic pen’ and tells Besbes that he has a great innovation.

The competition was high as 6 candidates faced elimination, but the time had come for host Khaled Al Jumaily to read out the votes and they came as follows:

Mohammed Al Kuwari - Automated Verdict in Disputed Football Scoring/ 80.2%

Anwar Almojarkesh - Assistive Pillow for Hearing Impaired/ 79.5%

Mohamed Amine Besbes - Virtual 3D Drawing Pen/ 79%

Mohammed Doumir - Camel Racing Diagnostic Boots/ 76.6%

Mohammed Islam - Navigation and Home Automation for the Blind/ 75.5%

Waleed Jan - Mechanical Braille Editor/ 71.2%

Alaa Al-Rawi - Auto-Adjusted Comfortable Seatbelt/ 70.2%

Sherif Yahia - Speech Synthesizer for the Language Impaired/ 64.7%

Mohamed Ismail - Solar Panels Autonomous Robot Cleaner/ 64%

Nouf Al-Asfour - Automated Reflexology Glove/ 49.5%


The journey ended for Feras, Mohammed Abazeed, Alaa Al Harbi, Adil, Yasser and El Arby as we wish them best of luck on their scientific adventures ahead!

Stay tuned to MBC4 on October 17th at 8PM KSA to witness the Engineering episode as 6 candidates remain in competition!


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