Tuesday, September 2, 2014
   Orientation Week
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Orientation Week kicked off with the warm encouraging words from host Khalid Al Jumaily who congratulated the candidates on their achievements in reaching the top 16 spot and explained to them that the journey ahead will be packed with experience, hard work and determination. 

The first stage of Orientation Week was a psychometric assessment that was provided to the candidates by behavioral psychology and psychometric expert Andy Edwards who joined Stars of Science exclusively for this week. The assessments were able to identify the candidates inner personalities and help group them in the various activities of the week.

Group 1 was comprised of Mohammed Doumir, Nouf Al Asfour, Alaa Al Rawi and Alaa Al Harbi who were given the challenge to go head to head in pairs by trying to solve a mathematical equation 1,000 feet above the ground in a Gyro plane with one person holding a calculator and the other reading out the equation. Communicating and thinking under pressure is a skill that makes or breaks a candidate on Stars of Science and these candidates faced the challenge head on especially Nouf who had an extreme fear of heights! With 15 minutes on the clock, the candidates could not correctly answer the question and no winner was declared from the activity.

The second group was Yasser Nezzari and Anwar Almojarkesh who were identified as the best swimmers among the top 16 and therefore tasked with the challenge to jump from a 10meter diving board meant to disorient them as they land into a pool that contains pieces of a disassembled puzzle. The candidates will have to gather all the pieces out of the pool and bring them together to formulate the word ‘SOS’. There is one extra piece in the pool that is not needed for the puzzle, a detail the candidates do not know of but Yasser was able to assemble the logo under 10 minutes and won the challenge! 

Mohammed Al Kuwari and Adil Ait Ouahman made up the third group who had to master the art rock climbing, a skill that requires attention to detail, focus and confidence with each and every step. Chief climber, Hans Florine, gave the candidates a very useful crash course in rock climbing ahead of their challenge to climb the rock in the least amount of time. With all their safety equipment and harness in place, the candidates took on the challenge with Adil climbing in the least amount of time!

The final group consisted of Feras, Mohamed Amine Besbes, El Arby and Sherif who were given a crash course in vertical wall rappelling where they discovered all the techniques before 2 people were chosen from the group to down the roof of Qatar Science & Technology Park, a frightening challenge considering the height of the structure. After 2 days of training, the experts chose Feras and Sherif as the candidates eligible for the activity given their best core strength and control from the group.

The fourth group was set for the toughest challenge as they were faced with an intense boot camp session in a desert-like condition. Waleed Jan, Mohammed Islam, Mohammed Ismail and Mohammed Abazeed were met by the boot camp team who assigned the first task of solving a puzzle in the least amount of time. The winner of the activity will then choose one person to assist him in building a raft and paddling it to a certain distance and returning. In the meantime, the two remaining candidates will have to undergo an intense boot camp session that will not end until the other 2 candidates paddle back to shore. Waleed was the only candidate from the bunch that solved the puzzle where he then chose Abazeed to help him build a raft in the quickest amount of time to save Ismail and Islam from the harsh boot camp they were undergoing!

Orientation week proved to have challenged every candidate out of their comfort zone before they enter the lab and begin their next challenge on their innovations! Catch the candidates every Saturday to Thursday at 4:30PM KSA on MBC4 (reruns at 1:00AM) to watch their daily progress on their projects before the Proof of Concept prime on Friday October 11th at 8:00PM KSA!

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