Monday, September 1, 2014
   Selection Episode
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After traveling the Arab world over land and sea, the Stars of Science team and permanent jurors were ready to welcome all the accepted candidates to Doha for the final selection round. The team also welcomed the arrival of all 8 local jurors who were preparing to join forces in deciding the top 16 candidates for this season!

The format of presenting changed this season as the candidates were given a chance to meet the jury beforehand for an extensive Q&A session to learn more about their projects and ask all the questions required. This was very helpful to the candidates but also put them on their nerves as the prime will now consist of only one random question from one juror that the candidates must answer. 

To be automatically accepted to the top 16, the candidates must receive a grade over 80%. Any grade below 50% is an automatic disqualification while anything between the two grades means the candidates must wait and hope that their grade is high enough to be qualified!

The candidates who received between 80-50% waited anxiously in the waiting room where they tried to rank themselves according to their grades received while one candidates sat all alone the entire day. Mohammed Amine Besbes and Mohammed Doumir received over 80% and were announced the first participants in the top 16 spot for Season 5! 

As the day came to a close the candidates were ready to hear the results on who made it and whose journey ended at that moment. Host Khaled Al Jumaily read out the results and they ranked as follows:

Mohamed Amine Besbes - Virtual 3D Drawing Pen/84.7%

Mohammed Doumir - Camel Racing Diagnostic Boots/ 83.5%

Mohamed Ismail - Solar Panels Autonomous Robot Cleaner/ 79.9%

Waleed Jan - Mechanical Braille Editor/ 79.9%

Alaa Al-Harbi - Arabic Speech Training Kit/ 72.2%

Feras Abdul Majid - Water Cooler Bottle Lift/ 70.6%

Yasser Nezzari - Kinetically Driven Robotic Arm/ 70.3%

Mohammed Islam - Navigation and Home Automation forthe Blind/ 66.8%

AdilAitOuahman - Briefcase Transforming Bicycle/ 65.2%

Mohammed Al Kuwari - Automated Verdict in Disputed Football Scoring/ 62.5%

Anwar Almojarkesh - Assistive Pillow for Hearing Impaired/ 62.2%

Alaa Al-Rawi - Auto-Adjusted Comfortable Seatbelt/ 61.9%

Mohammad Abazeed - Car Performance Enhancer/ 60.8%

El Arby Sidi Boubacar - Auto-Balancing System for Electric Bicycle/ 60.8%

Nouf Al-Asfour - Automated Reflexology Glove/ 60.3%

Sherif Yahia - Speech Synthesizer for the Language Impaired/ 50.4%

Tune into MBC4 on Friday October 4th at 8PM KSA to learn more about the top 16 candidates as we visit their home countries and place them out of their comfort zones in various adventurous activities for an unforgettable orientation week!
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