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Meshal Alshahrani

Hajj Navigation Bracelet
3rd Place Winner

About the Project

From a daring firefighter to a globe-trotting innovator, Meshal’s dream has put him firmly on the track to success. This is the man behind the Hajj Navigation Bracelet. Meshal secured his Mechanical Engineering degree after which he went on to work for NASA.

As a Boy Scout, Meshal would volunteer at the Islamic pilgrimage of Hajj in Mecca. Every year over two million people gather in the holy city to fulfill their religious obligation. Watching over the safety of that many people is a monumental task. Meshal witnessed first-hand the logistical challenges on site. He started thinking of ways to reduce incidents, and allow pilgrims to focus on their spiritual experience.

Meshal’s smart long-life bracelet uses Bluetooth and GPS technology to ensure pilgrims can find their way around the holy site. It’s a one-stop-shop. It does everything; from pointing pilgrims in the direction of the Qibla for prayers, to saving their vital information and tracking them for emergencies. It even assists them in navigating their way back to their bases in Mina, known as ‘Tent City.’

Beyond Stars of Science

Meshal successfully completed his three-year project with NASA. The renowned institution borrowed his technical ability and brainpower to develop a Microgravity Device.

Now based in Silicon Valley, California, Meshal heads his own start-up, Sewar Dal, with a staff of three. Working to secure a patent for the Hajj Navigation Bracelet, he is fully devoted to making his technological invention a real-life success. “I am still very early on in the game, and everything takes time to figure out. The difference is, I am going solo now, without the help from the Stars of Science judges and mentors. I can honestly say I have even more respect for them and truly appreciate all the help I received from the show. Being an innovator is no easy feat!”

Meshal has made it his life’s mission to help those in need. He believes his Hajj Navigation Bracelet will be an essential addition to the religious expedition, and affordable to all. On a journey of self-discovery, Meshal is enjoying the opportunity to focus on new innovations: “I don’t want to spend my life building other people’s visions. I hope that one day I can achieve my own.”

Personal Reflection

Meshal reflects on his time on Stars of Science with nothing but fondness and gratitude. He would jump at the chance to do it all over again, with a little less stressing out that is. He urges the younger generation and future candidates to “not wait for someone to hire you or secure you a government job. Do your own thing. Go out there, learn, and be the person that creates jobs for others.”

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