Season 11 Innovators

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Abdulrahman Saleh Khamis

Smart Educational Prayer Rug


Abdulrahman is no stranger to Stars of Science. Some years ago he lent behind-the-scenes tech support to a former contestant and dear friend - little did he know that he himself would stand in the limelight one day!

Hailing from Qatar’s growing tech sector, Abdulrahman earned his degree with honors in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Oregon State University, USA. A techy through and through. He programs in more than ten different languages, and contributes regularly to open source projects. It is no surprise that he developed a successful mobile app back in 2010 when Qatar’s population boom called for an automatized solution to mobile number updates from seven to eight digits!

A passionate programmer and a social butterfly, Abdulrahman believes that: “If you have a bright idea, you must work hard and not stop until you achieve it. Our communities need our work and perseverance to thrive truly.”


About the Project 

Prayer is the second Pillar of Islam. As such, prayer mats are valued symbols of religious tradition and history. Abdulrahman’s project adds a multi-dimensional experience to the worshippers’ daily prayer experience. His interactive carpet design features in-built pressure sensors, a flexible screen, and an accompanying mobile app. 

The carpet keeps track of Raka’at and prayer timings, in addition to displaying Qura’anic passages and different prayer moves on a screen. It is a prime example of science supporting educational innovation, which may particularly benefit children and people who are new to the religion.



The Interactive Educational Prayer Carpet reinvigorates tradition with groundbreaking digital know-how to bring the practice of Islam closer to a modern generation of worshippers.