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Ahmed Zahlan

Lion of the Atlas
Contactless Gluten Detector


Ahmed made the decision to apply to Stars of Science the evening of the application deadline. The third-year Civil Engineering student admits that he leaves everything to the last minute, including his studies. Nevertheless, he plays to win.

Ahmed is the youngest member of his family and on this season’s SOS cast. “Age is not important, unless you’re cheese,” he grins. Beneath that sense of humor is a serious innovator looking to change the world.

A certified debater and coach in Great Debaters Morocco, Ahmed knows how to work a crowd like it’s nobody’s business. “I am a skilled orator, however also a man of action. Tackling health issues through innovation makes good business sense. More importantly, it will improve lives globally. This is a cause I am more than happy to stand up for.”

About the project

Ahmed suffers from Celiac Disease, an immune reaction to eating gluten. The illness affects 1 in every 100 people, and is growing on an annual basis. When suffering from Celiac Disease, eating gluten, over time, can lead to a body’s inability to take in necessary nutrients. Anemia, loss of bone density, joint pain, and numbness amongst others are common problems Coeliacs face. In children, it can also inversely affect growth and development.

Ahmed further developed and invented a device to detect gluten in food. “The available products are not bad, but highly inconvenient for daily use,” he explained.

Undeterred, he worked on the creation of the Contactless Gluten Detector. His device allows you to ‘scan’ food to detect the presence of gluten by using infrared. This method aims to ensure quick and accurate results. Ahmed also sees hygiene benefits in his tester; as the absence of physical contact with food avoids possible contamination.   

A user-friendly device nowadays should be accessible on your phone. Ahmed’s thoughts exactly. Direct access and direct results. His pitch is ready.


The Contactless Gluten Detector makes life simpler, healthier and more enjoyable for people suffering from gluten related allergies and diseases. With immediate results and ability to use the portable device in all conditions, the convenience and health factors are immeasurable.