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Anna Malek

Action Woman
Smart Car Seat


An active volunteer, Anna spends her free time guiding children with special needs. “I live for these girls and boys. They taught me so much about selfless love and compassion, simply how to enjoy life to the fullest.”

The biomedical engineer is a longtime fan of Stars of Science. Being one of the innovators to make it on the show is a dream-come-true for the newly-wed and her husband. In high-school, Anna wanted nothing more than to become a pediatrician. To her disappointment she didn’t get into her dream school. Finding herself at crossroads, she decided to switch gears and study biomedical engineering. Little did she know this turn of events would bring her closer to her true passion.

Stars of Science became an unexpected protagonist in Anna’s life. In university she met with second place winner of SOS season three, Ziad Sankari. Anna was inspired by his journey (former President of the United States Barack Obama mentioned him in a speech!) and startup ‘CardioDiagnostic’, a medical technology company specialized in data analytics. Years later, she watched another university colleague on SOS, Fouad Maksoud. He even took home the first prize.  Anna’s ambition to innovate was fuelled. There was no going back. “It felt as if the universe was conspiring to send me on the show.”

About the Project

In her last year at university, Anna’s sister was pregnant and looking for smart solutions to help her protect and safeguard her twin babies. Anna promised she would dedicate her senior year to invent a hip and sound ‘baby’ project.

The aunt-to-be started her research and experiments. Soon she was able to develop a smart car seat. The seat monitors a baby’s well-being through built-in camera and sensors. Using infra-red and gas sensors, the car seat measures temperature and breathing rates. It can also be connected to a parent’s phone to send alerts. Text messages inform the user when the baby needs a diaper change. More urgent information is also offered. Accidentally forgetting a child in the back seat of a locked car is every parent’s nightmare. Anna’s innovation comes to the rescue. The built-in camera and microphone live stream to monitor the baby around the clock.


Provides safety for (new-born) babies, as well as relief and access to vital information for the parents. Anna’s smart car seat monitors a baby’s well-being through a built-in handle containing sensors and a live streaming camera. The innovation combines various features, which only exist separately in the market, in one product.