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Ghassan Oueidat

The Protagonist
Dry Ice Cleaner Bot


Ghassan’s story is one of redemption. From class comedian and wayward soul to a game changing scholar, no one could deny this young man went the distance to reinvent himself.  The three-time Lebanese kickboxing champion grew to appreciate the fruits and victories of labor. You could even say that he developed a taste for it.

In school, Ghassan spent more time making his classmates laugh than solving math problems, he admits with some remorse. With the support of his family, he found a new passion – martial arts. Taekwondo, Aikido, and kickboxing, Ghassan was sold.  A strong and skilled fighter was born. He brought his discipline to scholarship, too, earning a degree in mechanical engineering from the American University in Beirut.

The genial engineer hasn’t lost his ‘joie the vivre’ though. “I still love going out with my friends and having a good time. However, I am more focused and determined to make full use of my talents now. One person’s effort can make all the difference and bring about positive change. You’re never too young to make your mark.” This is a message he would like to share with all young people in the Arab world and beyond. Leave it up to Ghassan to roll up his sleeves and lead by example. For his Stars of Science challenge, he’ll need more than strength and discipline to advance to the coveted final four. He’s about to test his smarts against eight other intellectual heavyweights.

“In kickboxing, my strategy is to reserve my best moves until I know my opponent is vulnerable,” Ghassan said. “Stars of Science is a whole different ballgame, but the fundamentals of competition are the same. There’s more in common between kickboxing and innovation than meets the eye.”

About the Project

Forty stories above, men with nothing but ropes and safety harnesses were cleaning the windows of a skyscraper. This image caught Ghassan’s attention.  

Seeing the workers risk life and limb, he set his mind to finding a better, safer way to approach window cleaning. And while he was at it, he thought, why not also find a way to waste less water, that precious resource that was now dripping onto the ground in front of him?

His invention, the Dry Ice Cleaner Bot, is an advanced autonomous robotic cleaner. The cleaner clings to the side of a building and navigates over obstacles. With its smart technology the robot guides itself wherever it is needed on the building – up or down, left or right. With the power of dry ice (solid CO2), dirt and grime is frozen. Shock waves are added to leave windows squeaky clean. Industries introduced this novelty to remove paint and clean car engines.

Ghassan’s innovation not only has a health and safety benefit, but it also saves time, eliminates water waste, and saves money – a true win-win for all.


Alleviates safety concerns inherent in manual window washing on skyscrapers, while using dry ice as a substitute for water. This supports water security and yields further cost and time savings.