Season 11 Innovators

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Marwan Hamed Aljahwari

Camel Black Box


Growing up in the small Omani village of Al Batinah Governorate and acquiring his bachelor’s degree in process engineering at the International Maritime College Oman, Marwan led a quiet life away from the spotlight. He relished venturing out into his country’s beautiful landscapes with loved ones, taking the time to admire the local wildlife while doing so.


Described as having a charismatic character and always bringing positive energy, the young Omani believes in the importance of constant learning and self-development. He continued nurturing his scientific mind, keeping in tune with the world’s advances while waiting for the right opportunity to make his own mark.


Acting as the support system in his sister’s own journey towards success, Marwan was able to witness the innovation process from A to Z. With this inside knowledge, the optimistic inventor took advantage of the increased time spent at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, formulating a plan to start his innovation journey! 


About the Project 

Camels are an iconic sight in the Middle Eastern and North African deserts, serving as an ambassador to the diverse wildlife found in the region. They have proved to be invaluable companions to people for centuries, serving as transport and sources for food to local communities.

However, as urbanization infrastructure continues to develop among the villages and towns scattered throughout the region, camels often wander onto desert roads and cause devasting car accidents. Marwan lost one of his childhood friends due to one such accident, leading the engineer to direct his attention to solving this problem in the region and protect the lives of both people and camels.

Marwan’s Camel Black Box aims to protect the lives of vehicle passengers and camels. The state-of-the-art device goes one step further than locating stray camels, warning both drivers and camel owners of cases that pose a danger on the road. The bracelet-like device is installed on the camel’s neck and transmits a Bluetooth signal. When drivers are in close proximity to a stray animal – and are utilizing the application – this transmission then alerts them with enough time to stop the car. It is also equipped with an LED flash that lights up when the animal is close to the road proven very useful especially at night. 

One of the most innovative features of Marwan’s invention is geofencing, which sets up a virtual perimeter for the camels to roam in. This zone will be agreed on with the owners, notifying them when their camels stray away from it. 


As the only device to both locate and alert the user using Bluetooth technology combined with Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) and Global Positioning System (GPS), Marwan envisions his innovation to not only be applied in his home country, Oman, but also around the world. The Camel Black Box is not restricted to a certain climate, so it could be used on a wide variety of protected species in rural areas around the world.


Dreaming about the countless applications of his device, the Omani visionary hopes to save lives by reducing the element of surprise when faced with a stray animal on the road. The Camel Black Box promises to help improve road safety, protect the lives of road users, the lives of such precious animals, and the rights of their owners.