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Nuha Abu Yousef

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Nothing is impossible. This is the mantra Nuha lives and works by. Nurtured by a supportive family of medical professionals, the soon-to-be-mum-of-two embodies the type of resilience and independence that fuels innovative breakthroughs in the scientific community.

Her love of family led the Jordanian to pursue a medical education in her childhood home of Romania, where she enjoyed her formative years with her Romanian mother’s family that undoubtedly helped her become the inventor she is today.

She soon established herself as a successful General Practitioner after completing her undergraduate studies at Ovidius University of Constanta’s Faculty of Medicine. Not long after that, she went on to complete her post-graduate education as an Ophthalmology Resident at the same university. While she is well-versed in cosmetic surgery, the medic’s true passion belongs to the study and treatment of eye disorders.

Nuha personifies strong female leadership in the sciences. Growing up, she would accompany her father to his workplace at the hospital – fond memories that helped define Nuha’s own path in the medical profession.

An inspirational woman in her own right, Nuha balances her meticulous work with an unrelenting sense of adventure. She plans to go for her first skydive soon, and one day hopes to be the star of her very own TV show! 

When she is not concocting medical miracles or satisfying her spontaneous nature, Nuha is an artist at home, wielding her limitless imagination in her paintings. She also enjoys classical British movies and traveling the world.


About the Project 

The best medical practitioners aspire to offer patients a result that is both cosmetically sound and functional. Nuha takes this commitment one step further by developing a new technique that lets Bell's palsy patients regain control over their paralyzed upper and lower eyelids.

The condition’s characteristic droopiness or stiffness affects only one side of the face, leading to an unbalanced look, irritating dryness in the eye, and even potential cornea loss in the long-run. By engineering a wearable device that harmonizes with the individual’s look, skin tone, and eye-shape, Nuha’s project employs two microchips and electromyography (EMG) sensors to mimic the regular eyelid movement and restore function – without an invasive surgical procedure!



Stemming from her belief that the eye is as essential to our well-being as our hearts,Nuha’s innovation offers a less invasive surgery alternative for Bell’s palsy patients.Particularly young patients can benefit from a more optimized experience when faced with sensitive eye surgery. 

Nuha is determined to develop innovative solutions and tackle debilitating conditions to give every patient a new chance at normality!