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Rooda Al Qebaisi

The Magnificent
Dynamic VIP Seating Manager


Rooda is part of a fierce movement amongst young Qatari women looking to make waves. Highly qualified and motivated, she shatters ceilings to support the nation’s vision of developing a knowledge-based economy. Grown to become an aspirational role model, Rooda has found the driver’s seat and is not looking to pass it on any time soon. 

She continuously looks for new ways to keep herself on her toes. Rooda left for the UK after finishing high-school. At university, she rigorously worked to achieve her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in human resources.

Back in Qatar, she’s worked as a career counselor, a human development advisor, a lecturer at the Community College of Qatar, expert guest on TV shows, an events’ organizer and volunteer.

Rooda has been enthralled by Stars of Science since its inception ten years ago. “SOS is a broker of dreams and my dream was to become the show’s first female Qatari innovator,” Rooda enthused.

About the Project

As an event planner, Rooda understands the importance of ensuring a phenomenal experience for all guests. Unfortunately, she is also all too familiar with the complexities of protocol and changing guest lists. Her biggest challenge has always been arranging VIP seating. Should the foreign dignitary be sat next to the government minister? If someone cancels at the last moment due to a conflict of schedules, what should be done?

Rooda designed a dynamic chair with an electric lock-latch that can be activated with a designated QR code. Before activation, the chairs face the audience, and as VIP guests reach the venue, each will find their names on an assigned chair. Guests would use their invitations to scan the QR code and simply wait for the magic to happen. The lock opens and the chair rotates 180 degrees to face and welcome them.

With an online application, the events’ organizers can find a dynamic map with an overview of all the chairs and guests at the venue. The map shows who is sitting where, and thus facilitates alternative plans in case of last minute changes and surprises.


The Dynamic VIP Seating Manager ensures a professional and hospitality-friendly approach to seating arrangements.