The Jury

Profile of

Ms. Laila Al-Jufairi

Vice President Of Business Development
Qatar Financial Centre
"The journey of an innovator is long, so make sure you keep asking the right questions and don’t lose motivation along the way"

With a keen eye for business development, refined by an illustrious career in Qatar’s finance sector, Laila Al-Jufairi knows what it takes to find success no matter the market. Her ability to spot new opportunities or discover where any company can improve represents an invaluable resource for any aspiring entrepreneur.

From her current role as Vice President of Business Development at the Qatar Financial Centre and as a fan of Stars of Science, Laila Al-Jufairi knows firsthand the potential that lies within Qatar and the Arab world. As a guest jury member, she relishes the opportunity to guide budding inventors as they seek to introduce novel products to global markets.

Al-Jufairi holds an M.S. in Accounting and Business Management from Brunel University London, U.K., and a B.S. in International Affairs from Qatar University.

“Arabs around the world have a proud history of creating amazing innovations that span the sciences and impact communities around the world. Stars of Science has kickstarted many innovation journeys throughout its history, and I look forward to seeing their culmination!”