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PD Dr. Walid Albanna

Associate Professor & Consultant for Neurosurgery at RWTH Aachen University, Germany
RWTH Aachen University, Germany
Jury since
Season 13
The World is Looking for Someone ... Who Can Make the Impossible Possible


As a proud Stars of Science alumni, the associate professor (PD) Dr. Albanna can empathize with the young innovators who compete for the title of Top Arab Innovator. He brings this unique perspective to the show’s esteemed jury, placing himself in contestants’ shoes and pushing them to realize their full potential.


In fact, the Palestinian doctor knows better than anyone what it takes to win on Stars of Science. In 2018, he emerged victorious on the show’s Season 10, impressing the jury and audience with his invention, the Neurovascular Retina Analyzer. He wants to ensure that every budding entrepreneur and innovator who makes it to the show’s Top Eight realizes the unique opportunity that they have and pushes them to prove that their research is sound and that their ideas truly bring something new to the table.


PD Dr. Albanna graduated from the faculty of medicine at the University of Cologne in 2009 and finished his doctoral thesis in 2010. He then completed the professorial thesis in neurosurgery at RWTH Aachen University in 2019, earning him the right to teach the subject academically in Germany. Since 2018, he has been working as a consultant at RWTH Aachen University’s department of neurosurgery. 



PD Dr. Albanna is also an acclaimed researcher who holds credits in multiple papers published in prominent scientific journals. In 2017, he won an award for conducting the best clinical research in Germany by the German Society for Neuro-Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine. He is also dedicated to sharing his knowledge with the public, maintaining a personal YouTube channel where he shares his knowledge on neurology and neurosurgery with an international audience.


“For more than a decade, Stars of Science demonstrated how we in the Arab region can encourage our young talent to pursue scientific excellence and how we can invest in their ideas. The show made innovation and entrepreneurship fun and engaging, offering aspiring researchers, engineers, and inventors a space where their ideas are not bound by practical restrictions.”