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Prof. Abdelhamid El-Zoheiry

President of the Euro-Mediterranean University (Slovenia) and Professor at Cairo University Faculty of Medicine (Egypt)
EMUNI University
Jury since
Season 7
Through my contribution in the Stars of Science, I seek to unleash the creative scientific potential of the younger generation, thus empowering them to shape a bright future for themselves and the Arab world

Witty and jovial, the real life medical Dr. on the Stars of Science jury is anything but a blunt knife. An alumni of Cairo University, Professor Abdelhamid earned doctor of medicine, master, and doctorate degrees at the institution. Throughout the years he grew to appreciate the enormous impact a great teacher can have on a curious mind. By heeding a higher calling, or perhaps ambitious career planning, Professor Abdelhamid gave in to his passion and became an inspired educator and researcher. 

“I would have loved to actually be a candidate on Stars of Science myself,” the avid globetrotter mentions. He continues tongue-in-cheek: “They told me I am too old for that. And you know the saying those who can’t do – teach, so that is what I am doing!” With that in mind, his only priority is their success. “I believe in fairness. Each person that stands in front of me deserves a shot at creating something that can have a lasting impact. I put myself in their shoes, and make sure that my feedback is always in their interest, as long as they put in the work.”

At the Cairo University School of Medicine, Professor Abdelhamid switched his seat on the college bench for the lectern. Not long after, he decided to take a side road on his own learning journey. His next destination was the monumental Maastricht in the Netherlands. Mission at hand - pursue a Master’s Degree in Health Education and Promotion. 

Upon returning to warm and sunny Egypt, Professor Abdelhamid quickly seized the opportunity to work with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. He championed the development of research and innovation programs across the country. He has been the Ministry’s representative of choice over the years, a testament to his energetic commitment. 

“Entrepreneurship through innovation is a path to economic growth. It will improve our overall quality of life across the Arab world. Economic uncertainty is the root cause of brain-drain in the Arab world, as educated youth look beyond our borders to make a living,” added Professor Abdelhamid. “Through my work, I want to ensure that the younger generation sees a future for themselves in the region. This is now my primary mission in life.” 

Professor Abdelhamid led cross-border cooperation initiatives and developed mutually-beneficial linkages with Euro-Mediterranean institutions. He has been frequently chosen to represent Egypt on policy committees, including the Euro-Mediterranean Group of Senior Officials for Research and Innovation-Euro-Med GSO (2008-2012) and the Africa-EU Research and Innovation high-level policy dialogue (2011-2012). 

An active member in several societies and organizations, Professor Abdelhamid serves as President of the Euro-Mediterranean University based in Slovenia (EMUNI). He is also the founding President of the “Forum for Euro-Mediterranean Innovation in Action” (FEMIA) and has been featured in a number of science competitions including “FameLab Egypt” (Ministry of Research & British Council) and the “IBDAA” Competition in Lebanon (American University in Beirut).