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Prof. Hassan Ghaziri

President of FOMP & Director of the Beirut Research and innovation Center


Hassan Ghaziri is professor of machine learning and the president of FOMP a Swiss foundation aiming at cross-fertilizing disciplines to analyze and investigate the complex relationship between the Islamic world and the West.

Hassan Ghaziri is also the director of the Beirut Research and innovation Center (BRIC), an Innovative Research Hub at the service of the Middle-East societies and a forum for free open minded and critical thinking. Dr. Ghaziri was professor of Knowledge and Decision Systems at the American University of Beirut and member of AUB senate, the Swiss Federal Institute of technology-Lausanne, and visiting scholar at INSEAD Fontainebleau France and Kyoto University Japan.  He co-authored Knowledge Management (Pearson Education Inc., Prentice Hall, 2004), a book adopted by many universities in the US, India and China, in addition to many publications and interventions in several universities and companies to promote the concepts and the tools of KM, raise awareness, and analyze the readiness of developing countries for the Knowledge society.


The experience at Stars of Science has been simultaneously challenging, rewarding and instructive.

Challenging, because I have been mentoring a highly skilled team from a variety of different cultural and professional backgrounds, all working to deliver a very sophisticated prototype in a short period of time, whilst meeting all of the expectations of a demanding and creative candidate.

Rewarding, as the candidate succeeded in convincing the experts and potential user community of the feasibility and viability of his innovation and because I had the opportunity to establish strong relationships with the dedicated SOS team, passionate candidates, and enthusiastic experts.

Instructive, because I learnt a lot from this experience and came to the conclusion that SOS is a very powerful concept, capable of promoting creative spirit amongst Arab youth, and delivering innovations meeting the highest international standards and business practices.