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Rania Bou Jaoudeh

Season 6

About the project

Rania’s “Automatic Zucchini Corer,” named ‘Corizta,’ is a machine that aims to automate the process of preparing zucchini, a staple of Arab cuisine.  The Arab custom of hollowing out a zucchini is a painstaking task if undertaken manually.  In fact, the preparation of zucchini and other vegetables can be unhealthy for joints and leave one prone to repetitive strain injuries.

Rania devised Corizta using her expertise in ergonomics, principles that make a wide range of products user-friendly and reduce strain on the human body.  The product harnesses science to make everyday life easier and safer by shortening preparation time and safeguarding chefs and homemakers alike from potential health problems.  

What did Rania Bou Jaoudeh achieve so far?

After finishing third in Stars of Science Season 6, Rania Bou Jaoudeh completed her studies in Lebanon and graduated with distinction from Lebanese American University, earning a degree in Industrial Engineering.  Rania is currently working in the field of Contracts and Claims Management.

Corizta has been patented in Lebanon, and a patent for the Gulf area was filed in order to obtain the Intellectual Property rights for this product in the Gulf area as well.

Rania has also participated in the STEP Conference, a gathering of tech entrepreneurs in Dubai, in order to promote Corizta and speak to like-minded innovators.

Rania is currently writing a business plan for Corizta while building a network of collaborators who will help bring Corizta to the market.  She is seeking to secure investment for the product.

Never-satisfied, the Lebanese inventor is also interested in expanding Corizta’s application to other vegetables. The major priority resides in making Corizta reach the market, which includes household, catering companies, restaurants and ready-food industries.

Rania’s personal reflection

Rania believes that innovation is a mindset and an innovator never stops to try applying the scientific knowledge that he/she has to new fields and domains in an attempt to always put science at the service of the human being.

All the while, Rania is mindful of the example she sets for young people in her home country of Lebanon and beyond.  “Stars of Science was a valuable opportunity to prove that women are very capable in any field, including science, entrepreneurship and business,” she said.

Stars of Science has enlarged Rania’s knowledge about the product development field and entrepreneurial world, giving her know-how about product engineering, product design, product presentation and pitching, market study, project financing and many others.

If time goes back to 2014, Rania would make the same choice of participating in Stars of Science. Rania advises the new candidates:” Have patience and enjoy every single moment of this experience because at the end of the day everything will work the way you want it to if you really believe in the goal that you are working to achieve.”

Rania in the media

Corizta featured in MIT Technology Review:

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