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4th Place

Ghassan Yusuf

Auto Scoring & Management in Taekwondo


Ghassan had almost exhausted all his energy when his Taekwondo opponent stuck with agility and exceptional force. Ghassan effectively defended himself and, remembering his training, took advantage of the rival’s positioning to lash out with a kick, ending the match against all odds.

This victory, turned out to be an important one as despite winning, he was frustrated by the lack of detail on the quality of his moves. Ghassan continued winning competitions in Bahrain, and participated in the 2006 Asian Championships held in Thailand but always felt that like other sports before it, technology could have a role to play in the game. The virtues acquired through Martial Arts – above all, dedication and respect continue to drive his steadfast commitment to innovation and invention. Fully aware of the bright minds he will be competing against at Stars of Science, Ghassan, as always, will rely on his training.

The graduate from Jordan’s Applied Science Private University believes fervently in the positive power of ideas. In fact, he thinks the future of his home country, Bahrain, will be shaped by the visions of its youth and their efforts to drive development.  “Whether in Bahrain or elsewhere in this world, ideas are the starting point for actions, and have the potential to initiate progress.”


Over the course of Season 8, Ghassan will develop an automatic scoring & management device that can recognize offensive and defensive moves in Taekwondo, which form the foundation of the scores awarded to fighters. Such a device, says Ghassan, could benefit competitors and referees alike, helping the former enhance their performance, and enabling the latter to base their decisions on highly objective observations. The perhaps greatest benefactors of Ghassan’s projects are the Taekwondo fans themselves, who will have more confidence in the fairness of matches. 

“We are in an age of Big Data, equipped with the technology to accumulate a wealth of information which can have an astounding impact on precision-driven sport like Taekwondo.” said Ghassan. Drawing on his years of experience by applying the lessons he has learned in martial arts to his biggest fight: winning Stars of Science.    


Acts as an automated digital eye (alongside a referee) to classify and score the type of kicks used during the fast game and archives all results for players and others too.