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About the Show

Stars of Science, the edutainment TV initiative by Qatar Foundation, is the Arab world’s leading innovation show. Established in 2008 to inspire a generation, the show empowers Arab youth to implement creative solutions to regional problems through science, technology, and innovation.

Celebrating a decade of Arab innovation, Stars of Science has proven to be a positive catalyst of scientific and technological change in the region beyond its broadcasts and social media presence of 2.5 million followers. Its alumni network spanning 131 people from 18 Arab countries has been going from strength to strength, independently raising over 14 million USD in revenues, grants, and crowdfunding. In addition to winning hundreds of innovation awards, they have also created jobs and businesses, given inspirational talks, built schools, and inspired a generation.

Over a 10-week process, an expert panel of jurors assesses and eliminates between nine innovators and their projects in Prototyping and Customer Validation episodes until only four finalists remain to compete for a share of $600,000 in seed funding. The ranking is determined by jury deliberation and online voting from the public.