The Jury

The Stars of Science jury is at the core of the show’s innovation, with some of the Arab World’s top minds grilling, supporting and helping our young innovators get their ideas realized in the best way possible. Scroll down to meet our three jurors, and read about their fascinating lives and resumes!

Prof. Fouad Mrad
Frontier Technologies Manager at the United Nations - Economic & Social Commission for Western Asia
Knowledge is fortune only if shared and applied, otherwise it’s a warehouse stock.
Dr. Khalid Al-Ali
Entrepreneur and Former Executive Director, scientist and advisor at NASA
Without the perseverance of innovators and visionaries behind Apollo 11, the spaceship wouldn’t have left the launch pad – let alone land on the moon. Be bold. Be daring. No region has a monopoly on genius or talent. Set your gaze high and follow your dreams, you might just change the world one day.
Prof. Abdelhamid El-Zoheiry
President of the Euro-Mediterranean University (Slovenia) and Professor at Cairo University Faculty of Medicine (Egypt)
Through my contribution in the Stars of Science, I seek to unleash the creative scientific potential of the younger generation, thus empowering them to shape a bright future for themselves and the Arab world