The Jury

The Stars of Science jury is at the core of the show’s innovation, with some of the Arab World’s top minds grilling, supporting and helping our young innovators get their ideas realized in the best way possible. Scroll down to meet our three jurors, and read about their fascinating lives and resumes!

Professor Fouad Mrad
Frontier Technologies Manager at the United Nations - Economic & Social Commission for Western Asia
"Knowledge is fortune only if shared and applied, otherwise it’s a warehouse stock"
Dr. Aisha Ahmad Yousuf
Director of Reproductive Surgery at Sidra Medicine
“All goals can be achieved with great focus – but don’t shy away from seeking support when you encounter roadblocks on your journey”
Dr. Ahmad Nabeel, MD, MSc, DIC
Physician & PhD candidate in Surgery and Cancer
"Resilience and consistency are key in innovation and entrepreneurship. Even incremental steps are better than remaining inactive"
Professor Mohamed K. Watfa
Associate Dean and Graduate Program Director
“Take feedback with gratitude, not with attitude”
Ms. Laila Al-Jufairi
Vice President Of Business Development
"The journey of an innovator is long, so make sure you keep asking the right questions and don’t lose motivation along the way"