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Ahmad Al Ghazi

4th Place Winner

About the Project

Ahmad’s invention, Goom, is a motorized walker and assistive standing device designed for the elderly and handicapped. Goom first helps lift its user from a sitting position to stand up. Then, propped up by ergonomic supports, users can move easily from one place to another with Goom’s motorized wheels. Believing that Goom will support freedom of movement for others, Ahmad sees much potential for more mobility devices like his not-so-traditional walker in the future.

Beyond Stars of Science

Ahmad enjoyed rolling up his sleeves in the stimulating environment of Qatar Science & Technology Park and it left him with an appetite for more all with his grandmother in mind. The committed inventor made his way to the global epicenter of technology innovation, Silicon Valley where he created his own enterprise. Meanwhile, he continued his education, earning a Master of Engineering Management degree from Santa Clara University in 2013. 

Ahmad didn’t stop there but plunged headfirst into the busy work culture of entrepreneurial Silicon Valley and became passionate about several other initiatives. He poured his creative energy into producing and hosting a YouTube show called “Huna Silicon Valley,” aimed at demonstrating to fellow Arabs what the area is like to later meet one of the founders of YouTube, who was portrayed in one of Ahmad’s videos several years before. He also founded Esamyon, an organization that facilitates knowledge exchange between entrepreneurs and venture capitalists through workshops and lectures.

As he looked deeper into available medical devices, Ahmad noticed that the design of tools used by the elderly for mobility, like canes and walkers, has not been changed in many years; even since its invention or discovery at the beginning of time with the designs being very primitive. Seeing an opportunity to disrupt the industry through innovation, Ahmad and his team launched Can Industries in 2014 with smart mobility devices and solutions in mind to help in recovery from injuries, in mobility for those with medical issues and in increasing safety and independence for the elderly. With around 20 people on his team, including a marketer from Google and an executive from Apple, Ahmad is bringing the device into the 21st century by literally reinventing the cane; CAN Industries’ first product being a smart cane with a GPS tracker, an emergency calling button and a flashlight, currently in development.. Ahmad is creating a new market that doesn’t yet exist which is a long process but Smart Mobility is meant to ensure  safety and improve quality of life.  Ahmad obtained  around 15 patents for Can Industries and in May 2022, Fast Company features and unveiled the flagship product CAN GO, the smart cane. Launched in May, the Can Go is a high-tech cane equipped with a dozen sensors, GPS and activity tracking, a flashlight, and cellular data for emergency phone calls. It’s a bold new take on an age-old product, but it joins a growing movement of startups that want to take a bite out of the silver market, which could reach $15 trillion by 2030. For now, one can reserve a cane for $20 on the company’s website. And when the company starts shipping them in the fall, you can be the proud owner of what is probably the world’s smartest cane.

Personal Reflection

“The Arab world needs more innovators to take entrepreneurial risks for the benefit of our communities,” said Ahmad. “Stars of Science is an initiative that encourages us to seize opportunities and be unafraid of calculated risk. The show developed my skills, but more importantly instilled in me a drive to spread my love of innovating to others around the region.”

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