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Amina Alhawaj’s innovation story started when she was a physical therapist.  Noticing that many of her patients were experiencing persistent pain during rehabilitation of their lower body, she set out to change the status quo. Working around the clock, the Bahraini developed an apparatus designed to reduce pain and increase mobility during rehabilitation. Originally named the ‘Lower Limb Rehabilitation Device,’ the invention worked wonders for those wanting to achieve normal movement of the hip, knee and ankle during the early stages of rehabilitation.

Beyond Stars of Science

After her Stars of Science experience, Amina immersed herself in medical research and development (R&D) to improve her invention and prepare to introduce it to the market.  She also established her own company, MOMKIN, which focuses on R&D, product manufacturing, and medical innovation.  The name, which means ‘possible’ in Arabic, is perfectly suited for Amina’s never-give-up attitude.  “The concept of my life is that anything is possible,” said Amina.  “There were so many people who doubted that I could achieve my goals.  Therefore, MOMKIN is the perfect name for my company.  It is a constant reminder that you can achieve what you dream when you work hard for it.”

Under MOMKIN, Amina expanded her product offerings while winning recognitions for innovation in the United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Turkey and Bahrain.  A truly international company, MOMKIN’s manufacturing is based in Europe and ships to customers around the world.

In June 2016, Amina attended the Global Entrepreneurship Summit at Stanford University at the invitation of US President Barack Obama.  At the event, which showcased entrepreneurs and investors from around the world, Amina spoke to attendees about her entrepreneurial journey.

“I am highly honored to have attended the Global Entrepreneurship Summit,” noted Amina. “My story, and the story of my peers on Stars of Science, is a story unique to the Arab world.  We grew up here, learned valuable skills here, and are working hard to be the change we wish to see.  I hope that through my presentation at Stanford, more and more entrepreneurs see the impact we continue to make.”

Amina is working hard to be awarded three patents that are pending, in order to add to the four she already has.  She is also working, as always, to expand the product offering of MOMKIN in order to further help those in need of improved physical rehabilitation devices.

Personal Reflection

“Stars of Science allowed me, as a young entrepreneur, to work with some of the world’s most talented engineering and design experts at Qatar Science & Technology Park,” said Amina.  “This challenging experience gave my confidence a boost.  Without Stars of Science I wouldn’t be in the position I am today.”

“Don’t let the cameras and bright lights change your work ethic,” Amina advises the new SOS candidates. “Be diligent and driven, and reward will follow automatically.”

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Facebook: Amina AbdulMajeed Al-Hawaj

Twitter: @AminaMajeed

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