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Majed Lababidi

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About the Project

Equal parts a scientific mind and an entrepreneurial spirit, Majed competed in Stars of Science Season 3 with a unique project that combined a special technology with smart business sense.

The innovation generated advertising revenue while providing free wireless internet in public places, such as coffee shops. Using his advanced knowledge in the advertising field, the Syrian inventor identified an opportunity in the market to exploit – the ubiquity of complimentary Wi-Fi zones in busy places. Recognising that public internet users represent an untapped audience, Majed devised a product that gave people what they craved most – free internet – in return for viewing an advertisement.

Beyond Stars of Science

After his time on the show came to an end, Majed continued to pursue his passions for innovation and entrepreneurship, starting businesses and helping to develop ground-breaking technological solutions. “My passion is in creating what hasn’t been made before,” said the versatile inventor.

He teamed up with former Season 3 competitor, Saad Al Qahtani, to take his Stars of Science project, now named Fi Technologies, to market. The project won acclaim, earning “Best ICT Startup” at the 2014 ICT Business Awards, hosted by the State of Qatar’s Ministry of Information and Communications Technology.

In 2016, Majed moved to the healthcare sector by co-founding Droobi Health, a research company specialising in health management and prevention. The company’s signature product is a mobile application, which helps users with chronic conditions such as diabetes and obesity adopt healthy lifestyles. Available in English and Arabic, the app wields remote monitoring tools and artificial intelligence to provide bespoke health programs.

The company continues to garner accolades in Qatar’s market, winning the “Tech Startup of the Year” at the 2018 Qatar IT Business Awards, and works with prominent organisations such as Hamad Medical Corporation on important initiatives such as the Qatar Diabetes Prevention Programme, the region’s largest diabetes research project. “We brought impact to people who had diabetes. We changed their lifestyles,” said Majed.

By the end of 2020, Majed left Droobi Health and joined as a co-founder of the company Rawi Al Kotob with a team of 13 persons, Rawi al Kotob being a platform that offers high-quality, diverse and exclusive Arabic audio content. The project is an application that includes audiobooks, podcasts, documentaries, articles and concepts, considered as the first provider of Arabic audio content in all its forms in the MENA region, by combining technology with the highest narration skills and purposeful content.

In line with Qatar National Vision 2030 with regard to human development, this solution aims to provide a framework through which Arabic audio content can be developed and contribute to the promotion of education and knowledge in Arabic. This is achieved by reshaping the way people in the Arab world read and learn. The goal of Rawi Al kotob is to provide easy access to knowledge and education and facilitate effective and independent learning. The project is also a new and innovative way of learning that will enhance the teaching experience in educational institutions and strengthen the adoption of listening as an educational medium for people with special needs.

Personal Reflection

The Syrian techy credits a large part of his success to his time on Stars of Science. “It’s shaped the way I am now,” he said. “It’s the community of inventors I met during my time on the show that added to my career and defined where I want to be.”

As an experienced entrepreneur, Majed works to help future Arab inventors, especially Stars of Science contestants, realise and overcome the challenges that lay ahead of them. “Contestants deserve to know it’s not an easy life being an innovator. It’s good to come and share experience and relay the lessons you learned,” he said.

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