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Ziad Sankari

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With his invention “Life Sense,” a remote monitoring system capable of warning of cardiac problems, Ziad Sankari – originally from Lebanon – took second place in Stars of Science Season 3 in 2011.  CardioDiagnostics is focused on creating Remote Cardiac Monitoring technologies in the aim of treating patients with cardiac problems. Patients may continue normal day-to-day lifestyle, while CardioDiagnostics makes sure that physicians receive vital cardiac information needed to make a proper diagnosis.


Beyond Stars of Science

Since he appeared on Stars of Science, Ziad’s innovation journey has taken him around the region, and to the world and even through the halls of the White House.

After taking second place in Stars of Science Season 3, Ziad received a grant through the Technology Innovation Entrepreneurship Program of Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP) to further develop his prototype and work toward commercializing his technology. Building on his success in Stars of Science and the award from QSTP, Ziad launched “CardioDiagnostics”

Established in the United States of America with global R&D offices, the company develops proprietary technologies to monitor patients' heart activity wirelessly. Around 40 people work together to meet the market needs and solve existing problems in the cardiac care industry through research-based pioneering technologies. They currently service tens of thousands of patients between the US and the Middle East. 

Though entrepreneurs often find it difficult to acquire funding, Ziad first raised USD 500,000 after demonstrating the device to a cardiologist, and then an additional USD 2 million for “Life Sense.” project. This contribution enabled him to progress rapidly and find collaborators which led to strategic partnerships with hardware companies with which Ziad’s pioneering technology was combined thus bringing LifeSense to the Middle Eastern as well as the United States markets.

Working with an international network of distributors, Ziad has equipped organizations across the US and a number of leading hospitals in Lebanon and the Middle East with LifeSense.  Ziad has also succeeded in signing agreements with distributors in Kuwait, UAE, Bahrein, Saudi Arabia and Turkey enabling him to expand operations even further. During a pilot launch in the US, Ziad’s technology helped save a number of lives, and diagnose hundreds of patients. Ziad’s efforts in improving diagnostics by making his device available throughout the United States did not go unnoticed. In 2015, the inventor visited the White House, having been invited to meet with President Obama, given his contributions to improving healthcare through entrepreneurship. “Meeting both President Obama and Vice President Biden [at the time], was an opportunity to discuss the role of innovation and technology in building peace worldwide,” said Ziad. “This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity really came as a surprise; we never expected that the US President knew of our work.”

After Covid 19, Ziad and his team created, designed and launched a new product which monitors diabetes and hypertension as well as measures body temperature in the US market. The wireless devices and apps work together to read blood glucose levels and send the information to the CardioDiagnostics data center which are in turn shared with physicians who stay up-to-date on any emergency or irregularity happening with their patients. 


Personal Reflection

Stars of Science was a true turning point. Not only did it enable me to turn my idea into reality, but it increased my exposure substantially. Stars of Science has demonstrated that hard work and determination can be the basis for creating disruptive technologies, regardless of where in the world you are. This program was a unique opportunity to work with outstanding men and women from across the region, whom I would have never met otherwise. Being part of Stars of Science was a privilege, and an experience that changed my life for the better.”

“I encourage young innovators throughout the Arab World to pursue their dreams, no matter where they are, or in which circumstances they may find themselves. With hard work, motivation, and energy anyone anywhere can achieve the kind of things he or she would have never expected to turn into reality.”

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