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Story of

Abdullah Alghaitabi

Fertility Indicator Wristband


A fighter with a cause - Abdullah recognizes the centrality of women’s health in securing our future. Still a med student at Dongola University, Sudan, he is committed to driving scientific innovation that supports female reproductive choices. Along his innovative journey, Abdullah hopes to bring new job opportunities to his home country of Sudan. 

Don’t let his youth fool you. This self-proclaimed feminist is devoted to the fight for female empowerment. His academic and personal immersion in medical innovation inspired Abdullah’s path to Stars of Science, which he is confident is just the first step towards his own future business: “Science is not a career for me; it is an art and a way of living. Science is my passion.”

When he’s not wielding modern science in the service of women’s needs, Abdullah enjoys recreational combat sports and connecting to nature.  


About the Project 

Accurate methods of family planning are crucial to women’s health on a global scale. Abdullah’s device – Fertility Indicator Wristband – is a wearable wrist band that detects physiological changes related to the female ovulation cycle. An intelligent sensor fusion algorithm guides his innovation based on indicators such as body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, body fat and perspiration levels to determine a woman’s monthly fertility window. Through his Stars of Science journey, Abdullah aspires to further develop additional tools that work alongside the wristband to give a more holistic approach to ovulation. 



The Fertility Indicator Wristband recognizes the correlation between fertility, birth rates, and global economic currents. Permitting women greater insights into their ovulation cycle will positively impact conscientious family planning and decision-making.