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Abdulrahman Saleh Khamis

Smart Educational Prayer Rug

About the Project

A devout Muslim, Abdulrahman set out to bring together his faith in religion with his love for scientific innovation on Stars of Science Season 11. 

The Qatari innovator presented the Smart Educational Prayer Rug, a unique device aimed at helping young and newly converted Muslims learn how to make Islamic prayers - with a twist. The rug features in-built pressure sensors, a built-in screen, and an accompanying mobile app, a combination that would help users learn prayers in an immersive step-by-step fashion. Furthermore, it can improve the user’s prayer experience during Taraweeh and Qyam prayers; by allowing them the ability to read and track passages from the Holy Quran that they are yet to memorize.

Beyond Stars of Science

After his time on Stars of Science, Abdulrahman committed himself toward fulfilling the potential of his project, now named Sajdah - translating to ‘prostration,’ a standard pose in Islamic prayers. The tech-savvy entrepreneur started his own company, Thakaa Technologies, to support production, basing it in Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP) within reach of a thriving ecosystem of research centres and start-ups.


According to Abdulrahman, the company plans to produce two models of Sajdah: a ‘light’ version, made affordable for children and converts to Islam, and a ‘pro’ version equipped with additional features adapted for new Muslims eager to refine the way they make prayers. Working actively with Qatar Foundation’s IP Office, Abdulrahman has successfully secured a patent, as well as registered “Sajdah” as a trademark in many regions around the world.


He started exploring the wide-scale production of Sajdah, attending the 2019 edition of The IDTechEx Show, a multi-industry event held in Santa Clara, USA, where attendees received a closer look at emerging technologies in a variety of sectors. Eager to start production as soon as possible, he connected with a variety of companies specialising in printed electronics and electronic textiles. 

In May 2021, Thakaa launched a crowdfunding campaign and received 200% of what they needed for the first round of production exceeding expectations. The first batch of Sajdah started shipping by December 2021. The phone application associated with Sajdah supports several languages and the prayer rug can be linked to the mobile phone and apple watch via WiFi or Bluetooth. 

End of November 2021, Abdulrahman won the platinum medal at the Challenge and Innovation Forum Qatar 2021, and in March 2022 Sajdah app won “Mobile App of the Year” award by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology Qatar, and in February 2023 he won the gold medal at Internationl Invention Fair in the Middle East Kuwait, and by the end of April 2023, Abdulrahman won the gold medal with honors at the 48th Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions . He also won the Impact innovators contest by MyKenz. He’s currently participating at ITEX 2023 Malaysia Invention and Innovation Exhibition, hoping for another achievement. 


Beyond his project, Abdulrahman volunteers at Qatar Science Club as the Deputy Executive Director. He oversees the daily operations and works closely with fellow innovators, lending his expertise to guide them on their own innovation journeys.


Personal Reflection

Abdulrahman is committed to the process, no matter the obstacles that lay ahead of him, considering this a personal strength. “I don’t surrender, I keep trying until I get it right or find success,” he added, “It’s not intelligence as much as perseverance.”


The Qatari misses his time on Stars of Science dearly, describing it as one of the best experiences he’s ever had. “We never felt incredibly competitive against each other, but we felt a team spirit,” said Abdulrahman. 

He also credits his experience on Season 11 with boosting his public speaking abilities. Spending time defending his project in front of the famed jury provided the inventor with a chance to improve his communication skills, adding to his ever-growing skillset.


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