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Adib Al Ghossein

Ergonomic Activity Desk Lamp

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Adib’s professors at the Lebanese American University in Byblos (LAU) knew he had a lot to offer. A shy lad by nature, the industrial engineering student had to be pushed to apply to Stars of Science Season 7. With the backing of those who believed in him, he started developing an Ergonomic Activity Desk Lamp. 

Adib’s innovation caters to a range of students and professionals, including mechanics, office workers, and many others. Using a camera, sensors, and a smart algorithm, the Desk Lamp creates the ideal lighting conditions to work in. His concept changes the amount of light automatically to create the right environment, helping hard workers to be even more effective. On top of more productivity, for Adib, his SOS innovation has health benefits as well. He considers the lamp an important tool to prevent adverse effects of continuous overnight desk-work, such as headaches and eye strain. 

Beyond Stars of Science

After SOS, Adib kept working on improving the concept behind his innovation, even obtaining a patent in Lebanon. He was the finalist in two leading competitions in the region; the ‘Arabnet Ideathon Competition’and the ‘UNDP Startup Competition’in 2016. He gained much-needed experience and the insights that led him to rework his business model, so he decided to team up with Hazem Khaled, his colleague from SOS 7 and together, they founded BeamBot.

After thorough market research, Adib and his team concluded it was not cost-effective to encourage customers to entirely change their lighting system. He shifted the focus to a simple, safe and easy to deploy solution that makes any CCTV more intelligent by analyzing the videos coming out and getting all the needed data out of it.

BeamBot, his new startup, was selected to join Flat6Labs Beirut incubator and received an investment of 100k, at the same time it was accepted to join Port Xl (world first maritime accelerator) Singapore cohort. Today BeamBot headquarters are in Lebanon (Beirut Digital District) also known as BDD. 

As the founder and CEO of Beam Bot, Adib and his team developed an intelligent video analytics platform that can be used to increase productivity and safety. Using artificial intelligence, deep learning the system can detect if the operators on site are wearing their vests and helmets, it can calculate worker’s productivity and also optimize security.


Personal Reflection

“Choosing to study what you love can change the course of your life,” Adib said. “SOS helped me understand my strengths and areas for improvement, and more importantly, how I could fill in the gaps. I used to be petrified of failure. Today, I wake up determined to further grow and develop my skills in the field I am most passionate about.” 

Adib described SOS as a once in a lifetime experience: “I encourage all innovators on the show to remember that many people in the region dream of getting this chance. Stepping foot in a room with the right facilities and support can make all the difference. It is the bridge between a good idea that never comes to fruition and a product people can’t live without.” 


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