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Ahmad Nabeel

Virtual Beam and Self-Cleaning Laparoscope
2nd Place Winner

About the Project

A social media superstar and a full-time doctor– Ahmad’s life knows no monotony. Having already secured four patents for different innovations, he joined Stars of ScienceSeason 9 looking to up his game. During the show, he developed a virtual beam and self-cleaning laparoscope. During procedures, doctors have to clean the lens manually to proceed with the surgery; something Ahmad found time-consuming and overly risky. 

Dr. Ahmad devised a method of cleaning the laparoscope lens without having to remove it from the patient. His new surgical tool minimizes the risk of infection. It also cuts significant time from the surgery spent on side tasks, like the manual cleanup of tools. Students will also benefit from its internal virtual pointer that helps the surgeon explain their actions.

Beyond Stars of Science

Ahmad applied to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), securing world-wide protection for his innovation for over a year. 

The Kuwaiti doctor was admitted to the Imperial College of London to finish his master’s degree in Surgical Innovations. To his surprise, he was sent a personal invite to join the prestigious institution from Lord Ara Darzi, one of the world’s most renowned surgeons. 

During the past year, Ahmad has earned a postgraduate degree with honors in principles of surgery, surgical education, surgical imaging, simple surgical intervention, patient safety and quality of service. He has also completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Obesity and Metabolic Surgery. He is currently preparing his Masters in Surgery and Surgical Innovation. Dr. Ahmad Nabeel works also at St Marys Hospital and Imperial College London on the team of Lord Darzi, as a doctor, innovator and researcher. His invention from Stars of Science - the self-cleaning laparoscope- rebranded “Klens”, is one of the many projects he is currently working on. Ahmad is also working on more than one research papers for publication.

Regarding his innovation, and after winning 2ndplace in Stars of Science season 9, Ahmad Nabeel formed a global team to work on his innovation and they have now produced the 3rditeration. The biggest challenge in the past year has been to re-engineer the device into an add-on piece to be mounted on existing laparoscopes in order to add the self-cleaning lens, which has been done successfully. 

In 2019, Ahmad Nabeel participated in the Arab Innovation Academy competition with a new digital innovation and won second place. He also participated in the WISH conference and won the Young Innovator Award as one of the best participating medical innovations in the world.

Ahmad won the Best Innovation Award in the International Federation of Inventors’ Association in Geneva, and the Kuwait Award for Innovation.In Kuwait, Ahmad story and achievements were added to the official Arabic language curriculum in schools. He was also nominated to be the Ambassador of Kuwait Vision 2035 through the KAFO project of the Emiri Diwan.

Personal Reflection

“I know that my time in this world is limited, so I always remind myself that I have to leave the biggest impact on my environment. My message is that our footprint should be in actions not in words”

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Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube: @q8ysurgeon

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