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Amine Mohamed Besbes

3D Electronic Pen

About the Project

Since the tender age of seven, Amine realized his passion for mathematics and robotics and they have been his focus ever since! He used his ability to implement creative and versatile engineering solutions to facilitate the process of 3D modeling. During his time on Stars of Science in 2013, he created the 3D Electronic Pen, which is an affordable and effective tool that captures data from integrated motion sensors and allows the user to design in the 3D world without restricting computer tools. He also developed an intelligent, unique algorithm to track with accuracy the spatial coordinates of the motion of the pen.


After participating in Season 5, the electrical engineer went on to further polish his innovation and apply for several patents in North America. “I do not see any immediate plans to stop inventing and innovating,” Amine notes. “I am continuously working hard to further refine my existing inventions and bring them one step closer to mass production.”


Beyond Stars of Science

Amine’s aspiration for greatness continued long after his Stars of Science journey. His scientific research for intelligent checkout technology has been published internationally and is now used in Amazon Go stores, offering the world’s most advanced shopping technology. This state-of-the-art concept allowed him to obtain the most prestigious Canadian scholarship to pursue his master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Moncton. His efforts were also recognized in 2014 when he won the prestigious Tunisia Web Award from Ooredoo, giving him the title of Best Tunisian Innovator in Technology.


As the whole world came to a halt with the Coronavirus outbreak and the scientific community was needed more than ever, Amine shifted all his efforts and skills to help create medical ventilators from scratch! After signing a contract with the Government of Canada, Amine and his team undertook a project to manufacture and supply 10,000 ventilators to hospitals across the country. The team-designed ventilator is currently produced every seven minutes and is being used for patients with respiratory complications due to the virus. “My dream is to revolutionize the healthcare world by inventing new artificially intelligent algorithms that can be applied to medical devices.”


Personal Reflection

Amine confesses that until now, the Stars of Science experience is still the most beautiful learning experience he had in his life. It was the time in which he discovered his natural talent and endless capabilities which made him believe that nothing is impossible in front of his own willpower.


Hoping that his passion for science and technology will continue and be passed down to the next generation, Amine fostered creative thinking in his child and nurtured his outside-the-box thinking from a young age. “Similar to me, my son Rayan started showing his passion for technology and inventions early on. My dream is to be able to guide him down the innovation path and become the mentor that gives him the confidence to be one of the greatest inventors of his generation!”


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