Success Stories

Story of

Eiman Al-Hamad

3rd place winner

“Our love for technology, continuous development, and, most importantly, social entrepreneurship and giving back is what brought us together.” The young Qatari inventor, Eiman believes in the importance of innovation and self-development. In an effort to fulfil her social responsibilities, she chose to specialise her talents and delve into the virtual world. 

After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering, Eiman gradually became interested in cyber and internet security and went on to obtain a Master’s in Internet Security from the United Kingdom. 

Always grateful for her community, Eiman believes that she would not have succeeded as a woman in the scientific field if it were not for her family, friends, and colleague’s support throughout her journey. 

SOS Project & Impact

As phishing accounted for 50% of fraud attempts in 2018 and voice phishing is gaining popularity amongst cybercriminals, Arab consumers are in desperate need of adequate protection against this growing menace. Despite her extensive knowledge of cyber threats, Eiman herself fell victim to voice phishing. Turning misfortune into inspiration, the Qatari techie turned her attention to creating a piece of software that would protect her community and other people around the Arab world from such danger.

Eiman’s Arabic Conversation Fraud Detection program acts as a platform for real-time exposure of phone fraud through voice recognition and a voice-to-text transcription. The recorded text is then analysed through an Arabic engine that detects theft attempts by understanding context and language, alarming the consumer accordingly. A first-of-its-kind technology for the region, this unique combination of algorithm and artificial intelligence identifies and analyses Arabic conversation in real-time, facilitating fast protection from fraud attempts!

The Aftermath of SOS

Today, Eiman works to secure all requirements for obtaining a patent, as she aspires to reach the global market with her invention. She also helps and motivates young people to innovate and be creative. Today she is a renowned researcher and trainer in technology and information security. 

Among the most prominent workshops that Iman presented, we mention: The workshop to enhance the digital security of work data within the series of monthly workshops organized by the Career Development Center at Qatar University, which are presented to students and affiliates of the university. As well as a workshop on the basics of digital skill within the digital leadership program organized by the Student Leadership Center in cooperation with the Community Administration at Qatar University. Also, a personal planning workshop, organized by Qatar Blind Center, and Etzan Center.

In 2021, Eiman won the title of best co-inventor in the fourth edition of Qatari success, in addition to the silver medal and inventor title from the International Invention and Innovation Competition for IFIA INV Members.