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Fawzy Othman

Robotic Goalie

About the Project

Football aficionado Fawzy Othman saw a gap in the market and seized his opportunity to enhance the sporting world. In Stars of Science Season 7, the computer science expert created a Robotic Goalie. The game-changing machine automatically renders balls; giving goalkeepers the ability to improve their reflexes independently. The device’s versatility lends itself to support other training methods as well. It can be used by football coaches to increase practice efficiency; enabling a customized experience and allowing the trainers to spend more one-on-one time with players.

Beyond Stars of Science

Fawzy has dedicated his career to championing rising entrepreneurs. He is the co-founder and CEO of Imagino, a collaborative space for startups, student organizations, social initiatives, and freelancers. “I wanted to create a strong, diverse community; connecting hungry individuals who are keen to generate and implement new ideas,” notes Fawzy. Imagino is a growing organization with 12 employees.

From the sidelines Fawzy consults as a Business Analyst at Sindibad Group. Based in Tunisia, the company is a leading customer experience, research and development, and consulting firm. Here, among many other projects, he is in charge of ‘Takwin Land’. This digital platform provides online, free of charge, remote offices aimed at improving the quality of employee training. “I want to promote a solid culture of equality between all members of society, in everything we do as individuals. Providing access to an array of bespoke opportunities is my definition of justice. I hope we can design a better world that all members of future generations can enjoy,” said Fawzy.

Personal Reflection

“I have developed a new thinking pattern for myself and transformed how I approach my work. The many professionals I have met and the road down which I traveled, have strengthened my outlook and cultivated a solid base to generate ideas,” Fawzy commented. Beginning with a machine to improve football practice, to taking steps to change the world, there is no telling how far he will go.

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