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Ghassan Oueidat

Dry Ice Cleaner Bot

“Plan ahead, adapt, and keep going”, the young and motivated Ghassan Oueidat, lives by this moto. His Stars of Science experience tested his limits, as he quickly learned the art of persevering through immense technical challenges.

Project & Impact

The Lebanese inventor Ghassan Oueidat did not understand the need for workers to risk their lives to keep the windows of Skyscrapers clean. Consequently, he worked hard to find a suitable solution for this issue, and created the Dry Ice Cleaner Bot, an autonomous robotic cleaner that can guide itself around obstacles! It also saves water by using dry ice (solid CO₂) to freeze dirt and grime before emitting shock waves that shake the windows clean.

The Aftermath of SoS

In less than a year after he appeared on Stars of Science, his project won funding from Berytech, and was selected as a finalist in the 11th Massachusetts Institute of Technology Enterprise Forum Pan Arab’s Arab Startup Competition. 

The young entrepreneur remained heavily involved in scientific research after his time on Stars of Science. The American government, through the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement under the United States Department of Interior, contracted the team Ghassan worked with to design and implement a sensor that can measure and track the thickness of oil spills in open sea conditions. Their sensor achieved the highest performance among other competing designs, leading to their team getting additional funds from the United States government for their efforts. They secured a patent for their design in April, 2021 and are looking to monetize it.

Ghassan then registered his company Asymptotic Robotics in Santiago, Chile where he was awarded a government grant by “Startup Chile” to establish a business presence in the city in 2019. His time in Chile was not obstacle-free as Ghassan had to balance between civil unrest and financial crisis in his home country of Lebanon and in his place of residence in Santiago which destabilized both countries’ currencies. Nevetheless, Ghassan believes that “It doesn’t matter if everything goes wrong, there is always a way to fix it.” Following these events, he decided to rethink the design and to outsource his manufacturing as local shops had to close down due to the government-enforced lockdowns in Chile.

Ghassan did not let anything stand in the way of his advancement so he reached out to the robotics and entrepreneurship community in Boston and was invited, along with his team, to visit the Harvard Business School’s Rock Accelerator, Massrobotics, and Greentown labs. The team’s experience in Boston laid the groundwork to formulating a proper strategy for Asymptotic Robotics. 

The COVID-19 outbreak halted the manufacturing process which led Ghassan who was in talks with Robotics-Centre, a leading robotics development and commercialization company in Canada, to relocate Asymptotic Robotics to Ottawa and launch operations in the Northern American market. 

As of July 2021, Ghassan began the process of raising funds for the ANKABOT TRL 8 & 9 production and IP. He is also currently working on launching a new design of robots for the maritime sector to be used to bring down emissions and increase energy efficiency in the shipbuilding industry and its associated clusters.

With the lockdown being in full effect and Ghassan being a busy bee, he and his friend decided to launch Devups, a staff augmentation company providing software development teams and project managers at a lower price than market rates. With the Devups team, Ghassan delivered projects to Scotiabank, SAP, BBVA, Rappi, Latam Pass and others.

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