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Hashim Al-Sada

Camping Solar System

About the project

Hashim participated in “Stars of Science” Season 1 with this project “Camping System Operated by Solar Energy”.

Beyond Stars of Science

Hashim is currently head of the Conservation and Energy Efficiency Department at the Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA). He is also head of the Research and Projects Department, and representative of the State of Qatar at the Arab League in the field of renewable energy. He is also currently working on his doctoral thesis.

During the past few years, Hashim developed 8 innovations aimed at helping people with special needs, raising his innovations total to 23. Hashim also secured two patents for two of his innovations: “the camping system operated by solar energy” and “the mobile tracking system operated by solar energy”. Hashim spends most of his time at Qatar Science and Technology Park (QTSP), Qatar Scientific Club, and the Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA). He is also an active member of the Qatar Scientific Club, where he established a new department for green energy. In his free time, Hashim follows his passion, which is to educate the younger Qatari generations. To that end, he organizes a number of scientific and educational events for Qatari youth, such as the Scientists of the Future summer camp, sponsored by QTSP and Qatar Scientific Club.

Hashim has won several awards for his project “Camping System Operated by Solar Energy”, including the gold medal at the Kuwait International Fair. Industry leaders describe Hashim’s work in the field of solar power technology as “revolutionary”. He was also invited to participate in Shanghai Expo in 2008 to talk about his project “Camping System Operated by Solar Energy”.

Personal Reflection

Speaking about his participation in Stars of Science, Hashim says that the most important quality he acquired is self-confidence: “Stars of Science was a turning point in my life, and I would like to say to the new contestants that not qualifying to the finals does not mean failure.”

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Facebook: eng.Hashemalsadafans

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Hashim Al-Sada is considered one of the major innovators at Qatar Foundation. Several local and international media outlets have interviewed him, including Forbes, CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, and United Nations Multimedia. ;