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Hassan Albalawi

3rd Place Winner

About the Project

Hassan is a relentless and highly driven innovator and entrepreneur. The Ph.D. in electrical engineering developed his invention, WakeCap, with a driving passion to eliminate accidents caused by a lack of sleep. Since finishing third place on Stars of Science Season 7, Hassan decided to expand the application to help maintain the safety of workers on construction sites and provide the commercial support for improved workplace efficiency and productivity.  Hassan established WakeCap Technologies in 2017 and continues to passionately lead the company forward in the development of new technologies to support the digitization of industry. 

Beyond Stars of Science

WakeCap was founded with a vision to develop a wearable technology device that would identify worker alertness and provide suitable warning should the wearer experience fatigue. While this support remains a core consideration for the company, WakeCap has further evolved to provide reliable technology with the ability to track all construction site personnel and equipment to provide extensive analysis of site productivity. Today WakeCap is recognized as a world leading technology that is changing the way construction sites are managed.  

Hassan made giant strides with his initial idea; he and his team members successfully completed the Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP) Accelerator Program, which gives entrepreneurs training and mentorship. WakeCap was named the winner of UberPITCH Qatar, a competition to determine the best technological idea in the country and was featured at the ArabNet Digital Summit in 2016 in Dubai. 

“My vision is to turn all high-risk working environments across the world into safe places while improving productivity. WakeCap provides total visibility through a network of nodes placed all over any construction site. The network enables the monitoring of all materials, equipment, and of course workers, to capture a digital picture of the site’s activity. Real-time data points are analyzed by the WakeCap software to provide insights for our clients to implement operational cost saving changes”, Hassan said.

Over the course of the past 4 years, WakeCap has progressed from a viable idea to a realized and proven success. Backed by international investors, who have supported Hassan’s vision, WakeCap has grown to provide site solutions to leading constructions companies all over the world. The company has now established offices in  North America, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and is represented in Europe and South America.

Hassan dreams of the day WakeCap becomes an established name in the market, “We have come so far in such a short time, yet there is so much more to do. We now have a proven technology and have accomplished what no other technology has been able to do within the construction sector. Construction is just one application; we are now seeing interest for WakeCap in the Oil and Gas industry and many industrial applications. Safety will always remain the focus ofWakeCap technology but we are seeing an increasing need for our technology to support improved operational efficiency that has built a strong commercial value for the WakeCap brand.

Other founding members of WakeCap are from SOS’s expanding network of experts and Hassan is always proud to say, “I met three of my team members through Stars of Science, I owe it to the program, working with a dream team to make the company excel.” 


Personal Reflection

“Since I was on the show, I’ve been approached by many viewers. They all tell me Stars of Science inspired them to study science and technology,” said Hassan. “Innovators on the show must be conscious of the fact that what they do, and how they do it, matters to inspiring innovators around the Arab world.”

On giving advice to future candidates, Hassan said: “Make sure you understand the bigger picture. Understand the problem you are trying to fix. Read, study, do research. But most importantly, work with like-minded people and learn from your customers.” 

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