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Hekmat Alrouh

Frozen Food Thaw Indicator Stamp

About the Project

With a keen interested in the field of Public Health, Hekmat decided to create a ‘Frozen Food Thaw Indicator Stamp’ which acts as a quality and safety indicator for frozen foods. By placing the stamp on a food item, the shopper can know whether the item has not been maintained at a low temperature and therefore could be dangerous to consume. Hekmat believes that contributing to the field of Public Health is the most effective way for him to positively impact on his society. He believes his invention can be used as a pre-emptive tool, preventing any diseases or sicknesses before they have the opportunity to happen. 

Personal Reflection

“SOS got me to think like an entrepreneur, and gave me a great toolkit that I still apply every day in my work as a Public Health professional” says Hekmat. A piece of advice for the future candidates:” Do your homework! The world is full of bright people, and their ideas could be the same as yours. But don’t let that discourage you, it only means you’re on the right track, and a small improvement over what is already out there can open entirely new doors. Listen to every piece of advice you get, but don’t let anyone tell you what to do. Instead, do what YOU think is the right thing.”

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